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Top Tips For A Perfect Flowery Wedding In Summers

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In case your wedding is scheduled in summers, keeping the flowers fresh can be an issue. Here is all you need to ensure for a flowery wedding, which looks as well as smells good.

Opt for Hearty Flowers

Choose the kind of flowers which will remain fresh throughout the day. Go in for the ones that have a waxy texture in order to ensure the staying power. The varieties of Hawaiian blooms like orchids can be a good option (try and go in for the dendrobium and cymbidium orchids). Birds-of-paradise, Ginger halcyons, tiger lilies, and roses as well can withstand high temperatures. Purchasing local flowers is also way to go; those that are in season will more likely fight a long wedding day in the bouquet. You can try online booking of flowers in Jaipur or check with your florist.

Top Tips For A Perfect Flowery Wedding In Summers

Maintain the Blooms

When you are talking about wedding flowers, the higher the temperature, the more upkeep they’ll require. They will need more upkeep with the rise in the temperature. You can get them delivered by the florist on the very day of the wedding. Cheap flower delivery in Jaipur has become common among wedding planners. But make sure you have a refrigerator at the venue to store them until the main ceremony begins. During photography sessions too, you need to be mindful about these. When you’re not being snapped away by the photographer, have bridesmaids or a friend hold the flower bouquet somewhere shady, or you could even place them in running water. Just make sure the flowers are not exposed to the heat for a long period of time.

Opt for Bold and Bright Colours

For the colour and shade of the flowers, check out the ones that will be in bloom around reception site and the ceremony and try the bold versions of these hues. If the wedding is to be held outdoors, you can try out violet, mango, hot fuchsia, magenta, magenta or green. Deeper shades and wine colours are appropriate for the formal weddings such as the dark red roses or purple lilies. If the wedding is just a casual affair, the sunflowers are a superb option because you only need a few of these to obtain a vibrant show of colour.

Top Tips For A Perfect Flowery Wedding In Summers

Choose the Appropriate Centrepiece

One has a variety of summer centrepiece arrangements from where they can select. If the wedding is a formal ballroom one, go in for the tall vases that overflow with a mix of deep-hued and bold flowers that are accented using gems or feathers. To get a modern vibe, go for monochromatic green, yellow or orange in Lucite containers. If the wedding is an outdoor one, try the wooden containers that are colourful, with locally available flowers. When the cocktail hour arrives, daisies in Mason jars should perk up your space. You can also check out potted centrepieces for your guests to take a few flowers back home.

Keep these points in mind for a fresh, flowery wedding during summers.

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