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Top Tips And Tricks To Choose Just The Right Headset For Your Call Center

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It is really essential to have good headsets for the employees in a call center. Addressing customer problems efficiently is one of the major and very important aspects for every employee working in the call center.

The business of call center greatly depends on the efficient and comfortable headsets. After all, you don’t want to invest on the headphones that ultimately aren’t compatible with your computer, IP Phone, or your employees. So, here are some awesome tips and tricks that will make your headphone selection process a lot easier.

What to Choose between Monoaural or Binaural?

The choice between the monoaural and binaural headphones will greatly depend on whether you want sound in both the ears or only in one. Generally, monoaural are single ear headsets that can be good for the offices dealing with fewer noises around it. It allows the user to hear even the side conversation along with talking on the phone.

On the other hand, binaural are two-ear headsets are suitable for the users seeking very less noise distraction while on calls. So, choose the ones depending on your staff needs.

Know some details about 2.5mm and 3.5mm Jack differences

Most of the phones these days have either 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack that is designed for ear buds, headsets, and computer speakers. Both of the jacks are basically miniaturized versions of original 6.3 mm telephone switchboard plug.

Both the jacks are even called headset, stereo, or audio plugs. The 3.5 mm jack is generally called mini-jack while the 2.5 mm jack is called submini-jack. The mini-jack is normally the standard size for the personal computers, music players, and several other portable electronic gadgets with audio.

The submini-jacks can be a good option for telephones supporting headsets, including cordless phones. The adapters can be useful to allow the users to use both the sizes interchangeably.

Know the power of RJ9 Headset Adapter

The RJ9 headset adapter is the best solution for the common problem of attaching telephones and headsets. It normally works with all the workstations with a USB connection and contains a customary mono sound card.

The major advantages of using this adapter are as follows:

  • Shifting between telephone on desk and the headset becomes very easy and convenient
  • Can be easily connected with the computer with the help of USB
  • Works with mostly all the desk telephones along with IP hard phones

RJ9 is a standard connector that is used with many wired phones headsets to plug in the telephone base. It is often referred to as 4P4C.

RJ9 compatible headsets that you need to consider will greatly depend on your call center’s budget and requirements. It is very important to consider top quality headsets to ensure its working and efficiency. Getting recommendations can also be a good way to get best choices.

To conclude, telecommunication technology keeps expanding and comes with evolving product lines. So, always ensure to purchase the products focusing on the firm’s needs as well as compatible with latest technologies to get the best results.

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