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Top 8 Tips to Install and Maintain Window Blinds

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A home is somewhere one likes to live and create it as the most beautiful place. There are a number of accessories available in the market to beautify your home. There are a lot many things one can do in order todecorate their home,but the most important aspect is its doors and windows. To get in proper sunlight and air circulation; windows and doors must be arranged in an appropriate direction and should be of proper size.

When sunlight or wind becomes excess, one must have proper windows in house to control its flow. To meet up with such problems, window blinds are used. There are different sized windows and hence the blind size also varies. It ranges from smallest to largest to standard size in the market. There are many types of blinds available in the market which can enhance the beauty of your windows and make the overall look of the home impressive.

First one must understand which size and type of blind he/she requires so that the purchase of the same can be easy. To know about the various types of blind, one can check the internet or albums at the local store. There are various options available such as manual, automatic and semi-automatic. One can consider his requirements and go for semi-automatic or even fully automatic one. The manual blinds are mostly preferred by people.

Sun blocked by wooden venetian blinds

Top 8 tips to install and maintain window blinds

  1. Measure the window size: The first and foremost important point is to measure the window size accurately. One must remember here that a small error in measurement can spoil the complete arrangement of the blind and make windows look charmless. Not only that, it will also not serve the purpose for which one is setting the blind. Despite the blind, sunlight may enter the room in case of wrong measurement which can make the blind set just for show and visitor can immediately notify the error which can make one feel embarrassed. Though it is a very trivial matter, but still it is most important.
  1. Blind, inside the window or outside? One must decide why he/she wants blind and where they want blind. In case of setting up of blind towards the inner side, the measurement can be different while outside the window measurement can be different. Hence, the size of the blind changes as per the side of the blind. There are different reasons for both of these situations. The outside blind can stop sunlight as well as wind, but at the same time it might scratch the walls while inside the window the blind may leave some space or light to enter into the room.
  1. Shop the blind as per window measurement: There are many standard size windows sold in the market. Hence, the blind is also available in the market for the same size windows too. Accurate measurement may not be needed in such case and one can easily shop the blind from market as well as from on-line store. If one goes for on-line shopping there can be a wider choice present and convenient deals available which can help you save a handsome amount on your purchase as well. There are many on-line stores which sell quality blind and deliver them at your doorstep without any extra charges.
  1. Fix the brackets: There are two sides of the blind, which needs to fix on both sides of the window. The blind must be fixed in the brackets affixed to the wall. The brackets are strong holders of the blind and hence it rests on the bracket only. A small error in fixing the bracket may disrupt the whole function of blind and hence the blind can look shabbier instead of enhancing the show of the window.
  1. Fix the head rail and valance: The head rail and valance are parts of a blind on which the blind depends. Hence their perfect fixing is very much important. They help the blind move and function perfectly as per its settings. In case of erroneous fixing, the blind may not move as per setting or may not move at all. To avoid such a situation perfect setting of head rail and valance is very much important. In case one feels that fixing of the blind is not his cup of tea than it will be better to hire a professional.
  1. Beware about wands and locking system: The wands are the ends of blind and they must be tied properly or kept in such a way that it does not break. In case of wands with plastic rod, it must be at a height that children do not reach or in case of thread wands, it must be tied in such a way that does not get pulled easily by any other mean. The hanging wands can be pulled by anybody unknowingly and can pull out the whole blind. Hence, it must be given proper care and tied accordingly.
  1. Dust the blinds in a normal way: The blind must be kept clean. It must be dusted at regular intervals so that dust does not get accumulate inside and it can function smoothly. It just needs a normal dusting so no special treatments need to be given to it for cleaning and dusting. If one can use a vacuum cleaner for its cleaning, it will be really good.
  1. Keep children away: One must understand the functionality of blind and hence keep the children away from it. A child can get its hand stuck inside the blind and can get itself injured. Even children can pull the wands if they are hanging and can break the same. In case of automatic blind this can be a serious issue if the child stuck its hand and someone press the remote to open the blind.

There are a number of online stores such as klöeber that sell quality blind to enhance the look of the window and make the dwellers feel pride for it as well as take advantage of window as per own choice.

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