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TOP 7 Tips For Iceland Travellers: Feel Better

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Iceland is amazing country that attracts tourists with its mystery and riddles. This is a country of deep traditions and free views that come side by side. This is the country of ice and fire that is MUST VISIT for all addicted travellers. Oh, the prices in Iceland are also impressively high, the highest in Europe. So, take care of your money and try to learn a couple of interesting small tips about the Iceland life. They might help you to do and think as the locals usually do.

Products and Prices

Iceland is famous of its high prices for food. The price for milk is about 1 EUR, potato is 1 EUR and bread is 2 EUR. The meat prices are fantastic! For example, the price for pork is about 14 EUR, chicken for 17 EUR. So, if you want to have a substantial chic dinner in the restaurant, you have to pay for more than hundred EUR. You can always go to the local fast food restaurant and pay no more than 15-20 EUR for dinner.

Do you want something to drink? Iceland people like drinking. It is not a problem for them to feel fresh and go to work in the morning after the yesterdays’ drunk. Be careful! The prices for alcohol make your budget cry. The bottle of wine is about 15-18 EUR, beer for 2-4 EUR. Traditionally, the hard drinks are more expensive than light drinks.

Orange & Green

Simplicity and Easiness

The prices for vegetables in Iceland are also high. They are grown in the hothouses. You can buy vegetables in the street. There are no shop assistants there. You can find the boxes of vegetables and prices on it. People come to buy food and put money into the special boxes. People trust to each other, being based on business integrity. Of course, there are many people who cannot believe in trust-to-trust relations. You may come and try.

The doors in the houses are never locked. It is also interesting that every man can come to any house for drink and food. It does not matter, you are man or woman, people in Iceland always trust to each other. They are helpful and friendly.

Freedom of Convictions

Freedom of convictions for different topics is typical for Iceland. For example, it is said that locals feel always free in their sexual preferences. Such a free life views are not surprising. Again, there are many geothermal basins in the country. They are widely visiting by locals and tourists. So, it is necessary to take shower before and dafter bathing. Oh, you can easily do that in one of the numerous bath points. The most of them are located in the public places. The most of them has no more doors, or even walls! How about that well-known fact that locals prefer to learn the name of their sexual partner after sex, but not before.

Multi-Tasking Nation

What is the meaning of multi-tasking nation or person, whatever? If you used to think that multi-tasking person is a hard-working man or woman who tries to earn money for his/her family, you are partially right. Iceland people prefer doing their work on their own: flat design, drive a car, draw a picture. The most of things from their interior, clothes, furnishing are hand-made. That’s amazing!

There is one more thing: everything is available in Iceland. Thus, the musician can be the popular politician, and bank financial director can be the fisherman. For example, the world popular commentator Guðmundur Benediktsson is not a professional specialist in his field. He came from the Reykjavik football team.


Music of Iceland

The music in Iceland is original and self-sufficient, especially, in the context of the world culture. What do you know about the Sigur Ros that appeared in 1997? Their music is charming, strange and unusual. Locals prefer playing the mix of post-rock and minimalism. Iceland is also a country of soundtracks. It means that the most of the soundtracks are used to keep the country style up.

Iceland is a Country of Amazing Balances

Winston Lineker is a popular English footballer. He was always impressed of that fact that Iceland is a country of volcanoes but not professional footballers. This is true. There are more than 126 volcanoes on the territory of Iceland. It often happens that there is always something in Iceland that outnumbers the sum of people in the country. That is why people like changing their professions very often, to be different all the time. For example, there are more than 4 million of toucans in Iceland and there are no so many people.

Elisa ou Helena?

Conversed Talk

Looking from the outside, Iceland is considered to be the city of liberal views. All travellers are always welcomed, the doors are not closed. There is no army in the country and there is no police. You can find a lot of rental car services in Reykjavik to drive the car here and there over the city on your own. People don’t like drivers. From the other hand, it is absolutely common practice to get from one country point to another by car. It is absolutely right practice in winter and even in summer. What is more, the locals are very scrupulous. There is also special language commission that learns the meaning of the new words. There must be the close word in the local language.

Iceland takes care of everything that came from the past to be the national country symbol. Every new event in the country is described in the book. The ancient people that lived for 100 years ago wrote their books of the same language that you can read it now. Everything is wrapped with the old traditions.


So, it is time to conclude! If you decided to swim in the local basins and admire the Northern Lights – get some money and go ahead. Of course, there is always an opportunity to pay with the credit card. How about tips? Oh, I don’t need tips. It sounds strange but the tips in Iceland are considered to be something unethical.

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