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Top 6 Advantages Of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an online business productivity platform that comprises of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software applications. The unified applications work seamlessly across all the sectors including sales, operations, marketing, customer services and project service automation.

6 Benefits of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365

Understanding customers in a completely new way – Microsoft Dynamics 365 aids in bringing together all types of customer data together, which in turn, helps a company in understanding its customer base more effectively. With the help of integrated sales, service apps, and marketing techniques the software connects the company to a single source of customer information. This process helps to create consistency and also in understanding how the clients are experiencing the business plans that are spread across all the channels including – integrated web chat and self-service portals.

Transform business process efficiency – Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures to replace the manual tasks with the automated processes. By following the guided processes for lead qualification and service issues, a company can make more effective methodology and rules that ensure to offer consistent reach and successful outcomes.

Make Business Anywhere – Now employees can work using the devices they love! Quite a few free mobile applications are available in the market with Microsoft Dynamics 365 license. These empower them to increase their productivity levels in the most effective and efficient manner!

Integration with Office 365 – Effective integration between Dynamics 365 and Office 365 make the business process highly productive and seamless in nature. Other than office 365, the software also integrates perfectly with Microsoft Azure and SharePoint. Office 365 and SharePoint – both of them compliment and strengthen Microsoft Dynamics 365 software through strong integration, extraction of data and patterns from email conversations and shared documents.

Manage any relationship process and system – Microsoft Dynamic 365 can adapt to any kind of business industry and models. It manages all types of business relationships and processes through connected applications and offers scalability to fuel the growth of the company.

Adaptive CRM Engine – With the help of digital built-in technology, Microsoft dynamic 365 development responds quickly to the customer problems and market changes within an agile, cloud-based environment. In addition to this, the EU privacy criteria offered by Microsoft cloud software ensures that the customer data is completely safe and secure.

The other capabilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 include –

Business Intelligence – It helps to collect data from various sources and provides insights for buyer’s trends and marketing effectiveness.

PowerApps and Power Flow – It helps the users to create their own web and mobile applications to customize the Microsoft dynamic software.

App source – It is a resource that helps the users to try and buy additional applications to expand the capabilities of Dynamics 365.

Efficient customer portals – It features a self- service knowledge base and community forum.

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