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Top 5 Spooky Sites In Pune

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The “supernatural” strengths are strange and found in abundance in India. There are a few spots touted to be spooky and having spirits that wander uninhibitedly giving everybody chills. One such state that in India that has its deep dark secrets lying veiled by some and been experienced by many is Pune. This list enumerates the spooky spots in Pune which you can visit and take an alternate adrenaline surge!

So when you are about to make a wee-hour landing by your Bangalore to Pune flight, make sure that your cabwala or taxi driver doesn’t direct you to any one of these sites, for these see a spook parade every midnight. Beware!

Top 5 Spooky Sites In Pune

1. Victory Theatre

Thimayya street in Pune has encountered unexplained commotions on numerous occasions from this age old theater. According to local people, the building is accepted to have reported shouts and snickering ending the spooky hush at unearthly hours. The scariness of this spot makes it a standout amongst the most spooky spots in Pune.

2. Shaniwar Wada Fort

All things considered, the Shaniwar Wada Fort looks eminent attributable to its compositional splendor. But behind the dividers of this great fortress lies a secret and it has seen some abnormal state of paranormal activities. The fort is said to be infested with the soul of Narayan Rao Peshwa, the youthful ruler who was killed at the youthful age of 13! People have heard wails for help on full moon evenings. Passage through the fort is confined after 6.30 pm, however, in the event that despite everything you need to hear it to trust it, wander late at your own particular risk!

3. Holkar Bridge

A standout amongst the most spooky spots in the city, numerous local people exhort against driving down this street around evening time. A great deal of paranormal action and phantom sightings have been accounted for around the region. The site is additionally known for some unexplained and puzzling passings.

4. The Mansion on Residency Road

There is an old deserted manor close to the Residency Club which is said to be haunted by the soul of an insidious old woman. The spot has a frightful calm to it aside from around evening time when insane giggling and shouts have been accounted for to have been listened. This is certainly a standout amongst the most frequented spots in Pune! Visit if you are a braveheart.

5. Choice Hostel, Karve Road

A standout amongst the most prominent hostels in Pune, Choice Hostel is home to a ton of paranormal action. Numerous individuals have reported seeing a young lady meandering the hallways, listening to wailing commotions amidst the night. Saturdays after twilight are said to be the eeriest.

Scared much already? Don’t be. Just keep these sites in mind and avoid these places for sure. It’s just not Pune in India that has its chest of thrills. Almost every state and city has a dark side to it. So even if it is Jaipur, don’t be carried away by its superficial glory and grandeur. While you take one of the red-eye Bangalore Jaipur flights, remember that the city has some supernatural forces waiting to welcome you!

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