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Top 4 Pros and Cons Of Counter-Depth Refrigerator

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It seems like you are confused about whether to purchase a Counter Depth Refrigerator or not. Nothing to worry, today we will discover everything you need to know about counter-depth fridges, including its pros and cons and how it is a perfect pick for your kitchen.

What Is Counter-Depth?

It is a refrigerator in which cabinets are more in-depth than a standard traditional refrigerator.

“Counter-depth” defines the distance between your back wall and the front of your counterpart.

Unlike standard fridges, which are more than 30 inches deep and often measures 35-36, counter-depth is only 24 inches deep with 24-25 inches body measurement. This means that optimizing aisle space is essential.

Let’s discuss why you might consider going with a counter-depth refrigerator as a perfect kitchen upgrade.


  • It has a streamlined view. This style provides the kitchen with a more identical profile, that is why numerous people will buy a counter-depth refrigerator. The fridge does not bulge several inches past the counter.
  • It is much simpler for discovering and obtaining materials. It needs less extensive bending and, at the same, applies to the freezer section. When it comes to fridge cleaning, you will enjoy better access too.
  • There always will be a unique storage possibility since a counter-depth type will be broader than the same capacity in a regular depth unit. It sometimes permits the storage of sizeable cold cut trays, which might not be a valid and acceptable practice with a narrower fridge. It applies the same to extended door bins that might be easier to organize and access.
  • Accessing the full inner section of the bottom freezer will be much more comfortable in a counter-depth refrigerator. It is indeed helpful in terms of the required room to open it when a pull-out lowermost freezer drawer also has a shorter depth.

Just like two sides of the coin, the counter depth refrigerator has a dark side as well.


  • For a provided capacity of 25 inches, the counter-depth fridges will always be broader than a standard-depth model. You may have to look at a decreased size to fit within the existing space if you are replacing an existing standard one with a counter-depth model.
  • While access is better, there will be shorter drawers such as crispers and delicatessen compartments. When long heavy items such as celery, plastic storage containers, or trays are there, they will differ.
  • The freezer section can hold less. You have to expect less capacity, whether the freezer compartment is a top drawer or bottom drawer. Regardless, access to frozen foods will be more convenient.
  • More clearance will be expected for door swinging of the single door.


Before ordering it, this emphasizes the importance of calculating your kitchen space. There is more chance of diverting from what some might call “standard” with today’s custom kitchen.

After reading full appliance specifications, the term “counter-depth” may not be included in the model title. Demand in the market and availability of counter-depth refrigerators were limited at one time.

But it is now much easier to find this simplified model. It is recommended you go for counter-depth to get the sleek look you want. While minimizing disruptions in your workflow, you will get plenty of storage too.

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