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Top 3 Features Which Makes TheOneSpy App An Absolute Essential

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Spy technology has revolutionized during the last few years making it easier than ever to keep an eye on anyone 24/7 without giving them any clue. Google search of keywords like “spy app” give more than 26 million results which is a clear proof of their popularity. However, presence of too many apps makes it difficult for the potential buyers who feel confused which app to buy. This is exactly why we are here. After conducting an extensive research, we have come up with TheOneSpy app, an app that offers advanced features at an affordable price.

The thing about TheOneSpy has got going for is its novelty. It might be on the newer side, but it definitely is one of the better ones. Not because it comes from famous manufacturers, but because it has what other apps definitely don’t – all the features of a great spy app without the heavy price tag associated with it. It might be a little fish in a big pond, but it can definitely take on the other fishes with its very amazing and unique features, such as:

  • Bugging

Bugging is one of the newest and important feature offered by TheOneSpy. It has been recently introduced as a part of its Xtreme package and comes in two forms – a camera bug and a mic (microphone) bug.

Camera Bug

Camera Bug allows the camera of the target device to be remotely accessed from anywhere in the world. Using a camera bug, no matter where the device is, you can;

  • Turn the Camera on and then shut it down at will.
  • Capture pictures to know about the whereabouts of the target device.
  • Allows access to both the back and front camera.

Microphone Bug

Now, the microphone bug is also a new feature from TheOneSpy. Along with the camera bug, it too can be used to hear the sounds in the vicinity of the target device remotely. Here too, the user can access the microphone of the target device at will and listen to the surrounding conversations in real-time, without the knowledge of the user of the target device.

  • Tap and Listen to Live Calls

Most spy applications only allow the user to access call logs that contains details like the number being called, the duration of the call and the frequency of the calls being sent and received on a specific number. We have already mentioned how TheOneSpy has novelty going for it, but what we haven’t told you yet is a feature like this proves its superiority to other apps, regardless of it being new.

TheOneSpy app not only provides you with regular call logs containing all the data that most apps will provide you, but it will also allow you to intercept these calls live. Yes! Now you can listen in to phone conversations anytime you want, and in real-time. Additionally, TheOneSpy app will also allow you to:

  • Manipulate the use of the phone microphone.
  • Record the call being made to listen to later.
  • Record the surrounding sounds of the target device.
  • Save all the recording to TheOneSpy’s remote servers online to listen to anytime, anywhere.
  • Monitor on Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Most spy applications require you to purchase multiple licenses and pay extra money when you need to switch from one device platform to another. This is not a problem with TheOneSpy app. With advancement in technology, the devices children used to possess have grown from a simple mobile phone and computer to a smartphone and laptop. Add in the invention of tablets and iPods and parents have a real dilemma on their hands, well do not worry, with TheOneSpy to the rescue, you can easily:

  • Purchase a single license and use multiple devices.
  • Have a look at your teen’s activities on both their smartphones and their tablets by switching between both simultaneously.
  • Switch your license between multiple platforms if the user of the target device has switched devices.
  • Monitor devices on two separate platforms simultaneously by switching between them at will.

So there you have it folks, here are a few features that makes TheOneSpy app stand out from the rest of its competitors. To find out more about the app, feel free to browse through our website for more details on TheOneSpy app.

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