Top 10 Of The Most Gorgeous Villages In The World

1. Undredal (Norway)

This small town made our list for the amount of cheese it makes each year. A handful of farms make 10 to 12 short tons of brown goat cheese per year! Not only is this a lovely village to tour around, the hillsides are stunning to photograph. Devoted to old world ways, there is so much to learn in an unsuspecting town nestled on a cliff.

Visiting new places can be fun for all, however, there are some places on this list where it may not be suitable for children. There are so many cultures to learn, many of these places are sticking to their heritage and are willing to share it with the public. Sometimes all it takes is getting up the courage to go to an unexplored place. Strap on your hiking boots, pick up your cameras, and just start heading towards that destination. There is nothing holding you back, do it while you still can!