Top 10 Travel Friendly Cities

Having a warm reception when you go to a new city is always something people will worry about. We have a list here of the top ten travel friendly cities in the world. These cities were gleaned off of flight records to see where the most popular sites are. There are plenty more, but of the most traveled, friendly cities, these are the top.

10. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Great for kids is the first thing I have to say about Gatlinburg. This city is so tourist friendly! All the locals love to give you tips on the best places to eat, where to get the best fudge in the world, and when to take a lovely ride up to the top of a mountain via the lift. Yes, there is a small ski lift in the center of the town that gives you an aerial view of the entire city, it is stunning at night and is highly recommended. You can also visit the local museums and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Aquarium. If you have kids, book a night where they can stay in the penguin exhibit and help feed them in the morning.