Top 10 Most Popular Foodie Destinations

9. Montreal

When it comes to a variety of local and international, Montreal seems to have it all. To begin with, this city in Quebec, Canada, is the birthplace of Poutine. A dish primarily comprised of fries, gravy and cheese curds, Poutine has quickly swept the food scene locally and internationally. Many variations of this dish have sprouted recently, and it is considered by many to be the ideal comfort food and antidote after a night of too much alcohol consumption.

That brings us to the morning, and the bagel. Montreal’s version of the bagel rivals New York’s as the best bagel in North America. Naturally, there are limitless combinations of ingredients and toppings, but the traditional Montreal bagel is boiled in honey-infused water prior to being baked in a wood burning oven.Another benefit of Montreal is being able to smell and taste France without leaving the city limits. A large percentage of French-Canadians inhabit the city, and impart a cuisine that is familiar yet unique simultaneously.