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Top 10 Fastest Flying Animals in the World

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Most of us have been dreaming to fly. While this can be unrealistic, mankind has managed to build aircraft that allows people to travel in any part of the world through flying. As this might be the case, we are still fascinated with the thought of flying without any assistance of a machine but of course, this is impossible. All we can do is look at the birds and be amazed with their ability to fly and fly fast. With this top ten, we are going to list the fastest flying animals in the world.

10. Mallard Duck

This bird is mostly found in the wild. A mallard is a term used to refer to the male ducks which has a dark green head with a white ring around their neck. Mallard duck is usually found in the northern hemisphere. With the maximum speed of 100 kph, the mallard duck can travel over a long distance.

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