Top 10 Fast-Food Joints

A fast food spot is certainly not where you want to go to impress someone on a first date. It’s definitely not where you want to go to display your refined dining etiquette,or your refined palate. It is apparently where you want to go when the economy is staggering and you need to take the family out for dinner, but don’t necessarily have a lot of cash to do it. Verification of this comes in the form of revenue and prevalence; while many mid-range to high-end restaurants are closing their doors for the last time, more fast-foodchains are appearing all over the map.

The list below is by no means indicative of the best places, or even the best fast-food places to eat. It is however a list of the top ten fast-food restaurants in total gross revenue.

10. Sonic

“America’s Drive In” is viewed by many to be a great place to grab an icy drink or a creamy shake on a hot day. A “Sonic” expansion in the U.S. has moved this joint up the list in recent years. It’s most recent annuals were reported to be $3.6 billion.