The World’s Most Expensive Cheeses

Cheese: beloved and devoured in every corner of the globe. The first production of cheese has not been determined, as this food has been in existence since before recorded history. However, it is believed that once man discovered that animal milk could be used to make cheese, its popularity spread rapidly. Later, what began as merely a healthy, basic, abundant foodavailable for the masses, grew in variety,with many becoming artisan specialties desired by the elite of the ancient world.

Today, cheese can still be found virtually anywhere you travel. And, just like in ancient days, it can be found in basic and decadent varieties. In its more humble forms, cheese is a nutrient-rich staple for billions. For the cheese-obsessed, it is a hobby, a passion, and a very expensive proposition.

Below is a list of perhaps the ten most expensive cheeses in the world per-pound. While prices vary depending on region and producer, it is doubtful that any of the following are likely to be included on one’s daily bologna and cheese sandwich.


Hailing from the Appenzell region of Switzerland, this type of firm, cow’s milk cheese can be sold for upwards of $40 per-pound depending on the ingredients (such as white wine) of the given variation.