Top 10 Facts About The Outer Space

5. Silence All Over

There is an eerie silence in the cosmos because of the lack of any air in the outer space. It is true that even if you shouted at the top of your voice in the outer space, the person standing right next to you would not be able to hear you. Since sound travels through air in the form of pressure waves, the lack of air would not enable the sound waves to travel. Therefore, the outer space is always silent and that is the reason the astronauts use sign language to talk to each other.

4. George’s Star

The planet Uranus did not have this name as its first name as earlier it was called George’s Star. Discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781, Uranus was the first planet to be discovered with the use of a telescope. When Sir William discovered Uranus, he was asked to name the planet as it had been his discovery. He named it Georgium Stadius or George’s Star after King George III to signify that this was found during the reign of King George the Third.