Top 10 Fatal Aircraft Accidents

Aircraft accidents have always attracted much attention because of the widespread destruction caused. Most of the times, the aircraft accidents have been fatal for the passengers with no or only a few survivors. They may be caused due to the negligence of the pilots but most of the times it is the faulty machinery of the aircraft that has caused the accidents. Here are the top ten most fatal aircraft accidents:

10. American Airlines, 1979

Occurring in 1979, this plane crash took the lives of 258 passengers and 13 crew members. The American Airlines aircraft DC10-10 was damaged when it took off. The pylon and the left engine separated from the wing causing wing damage. This led to the damage to the hydraulic system of the aircraft which led to the retraction of the control systems of the flight. Shortly after takeoff, the plane rolled and crashed killing 273 people instantly. Two people on the ground were also killed.