Top 10 Facts About The Earth

The Earth is the only planet which has life on it. It revolves the round on its orbit experiencing four main seasons. The Earth also rotates on its axis and we experience a 28 day cycle which is caused by the Moon’s rotation around the Earth. There are many small things involved during these cycles. Here are the top ten facts about the Earth and its orbital movement:

10. The Deepest Lake

The Earth surface is not similar in all places. While in some areas there are mountains, the others have deep lakes. One such lake is the Lake Baikal which is considered the deepest lake in the World. It is located in the former USSR and measures 400 miles in length and 30 miles in width. However, what is amazing is its depth, which is 5,371 feet or just over a mile. It is assumed that all the five Great Lakes, which are the next largest lakes, can be emptied in Lake Baikal.