Too Cold to Go Out? Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Indoor Workout This Winter

Too Cold to Go Out? Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Indoor Workout This Winter

With colder weather and more restrictions in place, it’s best to keep your fitness routine indoors this holiday season. Although you may find that physically going to the gym motivates you to stay active, it’s feasible to develop a plan at home that is just as, if not more, enjoyable and effective.

The key to working out at home and staying motivated is finding exercises that feel exciting rather than punitive. Some people treat exercise like a necessary evil, and that’s usually because they aren’t working out in a manner that’s right for them. Forget what you see online or any social pressures to work out a certain way. All that matters is building an at-home routine you can rely on after the warm weather returns.

Break It Up

Although it’s best to get at least 30 minutes of straight cardio, you can also break it up into intervals. Three 10-minute workouts each day can be just as effective as a longer routine, and it’s easier to stick to. You can also switch up some of the exercises depending on the time of day to maximize their benefit.

For example, start with invigorating but easy warmup exercises in the morning, do your most intense workout in the afternoon, and wind down with some yoga or low-intensity cardio an hour or two before bed.

Since you’re likely sitting more during the winter, it’s also good to make yourself perform 60 to 90 jumping jacks and squats a day. You can even just jump rope or jump in place for five minutes every hour. This adds up to 45 minutes of cardio in a typical workday.

Buy a Good Piece of Equipment

If you’re missing the gym’s equipment, you can purchase one or two pieces of high-quality indoor exercise equipment to get the same workout without having to go anywhere. Indoor cycling is a fantastic exercise with plenty of variety; you can drop in on free Zoom cycling classes or follow workouts online. You can also cycle at varying intensities, so it’s just as effective to lose weight as it is to simply wind down and stay in shape.

Use Online Resources

Find a few fitness YouTube channels that offer different types of exercise videos. You can circulate them to build a weekly routine that is dynamic and fun. It’s important to look forward to your fitness routine, especially when you’re inside and it’s far more tempting to just plop down on the couch or lay in bed on your phone. You can also take this opportunity to try new forms of exercise, like self-guided martial arts or Pilates.

Finding your fitness flow during the winter months takes time, but it can be done with enough persistence. In addition to burning calories, staying in shape, and toning up, you can also use your indoor fitness routine to ward off seasonal depression, manage anxiety, and lower stress. Even on the days it’s difficult, you can motivate yourself knowing that the decision to exercise for even 10 minutes is an investment in your well-being.