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Tips To Keep Your iPhone Damage-Free While Traveling

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Whatever adventure you’ve planned for your next holiday travel, there’s no excuse for keeping your iPhone prone to damage.

So how to protect your smartphone? Ideally, you should take measures with the risk of potential damage in mind.


That’s because there will be moments when you’ll risk dropping your phone – during a hike, for instance. Other than that, there’s water damage and phone theft to worry about.

Fortunately, some accessories and plain old tactics can keep your iPhone safe from hazards. Here’s what you can do.

  1. Look for a Protective Case

iPhone cases come in all shapes and sizes, but travelers should consider the one that comes with impact-absorbing technology. The body of such cases is often TPU constructed and lined with the same technology that professional athletes use for impact protection on the field. Due to advancements in protective case manufacturing, you’ll be able to get your hands on a custom design that will hug every edge and curve or your iPhone.

  1. Screen Cover Is Also Important

The iPhone’s screen is one of those areas that is extremely difficult to protect. It can easily suffer scratches and other damages. Sometimes, the case is not enough to protect the screen, so you should look for screen shields to attain peace of mind. The best iPhone screen shields are invisible and keep your device safe from physical damage. Top offerings keep the same touch feel on the screen as there is without a screen protector. Also, the screen is less likely to break or crack the next time your phone falls to the ground.

  1. Keep the Device in a Bag or Pocket

Keep your iPhone safe by putting it in a bag or your pocket while traveling. That way, your iPhone will be at less risk of hitting the ground. Also, you’ll be protecting it from external elements like direct sunlight and extreme weather. Moreover, it’s unlikely that you’ll drop food particles or water on your bag or pocket.

  1. Reduce Use While Moving

Try to reduce iPhone use while moving, except when it’s necessary to take pictures. Mostly, travelers end up focusing on their smartphone instead of the path, until they stumble upon something and drop their phone. As an extra security measure, not only against drops but also against theft, try not to use the device when walking. In addition, you should pay close attention to your surroundings to avoid hazardous barriers and theft.

  1. Keep the Phone in a Safe Location

If you’re really serious about protecting your smartphone, keep it in a location where you’d keep your passport or another important travel document. Don’t keep it on edges and high places; these are locations from which it can easily fall. Also, don’t keep it in places where it can easily get crushed, such as near a stone or a cracked tree when you’re in the forest. Always keep your device in a secure and easily accessible location, like in the drawer when you’re inside and in your backpack when you’re out and about.

Taking these measures can significantly reduce your phone’s risk to physical damage. However, if your phone does take a hit, utilize your insurance to get it repaired or replaced free of charge. Look at insurance options in advance to ensure your holiday doesn’t come with an expense of forking out a new iPhone.

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