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Tips To Avoid The Smartphone Addiction

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Smartphone addiction is increasing day by day among teens. However, rather than offer an inventory where the list of issues and impacts of this addiction on your health and daily well-being, we decided to offer a few tips to help you become less addicted.

As already revealed a recent study, 67% of users surveyed check the screen of their smart phone if they have not received a call or a text message, even when no audible signal indicating a notification has sounded 44% sleep with and 29% say they can’t live without. Proposed by the US site Mashable, these five tips will help you better manage your addiction. You must admit that it has rather tended!

Turn off Notifications

You are one of those who consult their notifications every five minutes? SMS, Facebook, all means is good to take your smartphone in hand and turn the screen to check who commented on the last picture you posted on the social network where if you received a response to the last message sent to your well loved one.

Rest assured, you are not alone and besides, the good news is that it is treatable. Just for that, you go into your phone settings and limit or completely stop the notifications. This will give you more free time to think about anything else and besides your battery will thank you.

Tips To Avoid The Smartphone Addiction

Be aware of the Time Spent on your Smartphone

You’ve paid dearly, you like it and it is part of your daily life. But have you ever wondered how much time you actually spend on your Smartphone? Besides, do you really want to know? Yet this small figure indicated may well prove to be the silver bullet to become less hooked.

And besides, you don’t even need to know your Quality Time. As against the answer might scare you. That said, if it allows you to pick for good, the game is worth the candle.

Do you offer Free Telephone Times

Because of their multifunctional aspect, Smartphone accompany us in every moment of the day. SMS chats, web surfing and even listen to music. That said, if you can offer moments, no phone, it will not be bad. Moreover, there are still plenty of opportunities to do without the phone, like to take a bath (provided, of course it is not waterproof), cooking (without consulting an application of revenue). Better yet, put your Smartphone in airplane mode or turn it off and let your imagination run free.

Don’t use your Phone as an Alarm Clock

We don’t say otherwise, the alarm function found on all Smartphone is very convenient. That said, it also has its negative effects, And it requires you to keep the device near your bed and encourages you to check your notifications in the morning upon waking. One of the only times when you may sometimes have a clear head and think about something else.

Program Breaks

You find the solutions mentioned above too radical? This is understandable, however, this last tip may appear to you as the best compromise. It is to check your notifications, calls, SMS and social networking for a minute and then switch off the phone for 15 minutes, while leaving out of your sight.

You will, of course, make sure to set the alarm 15 minutes later, so it reminds you that you can look through the camera and then start again. The goal here is obvious to extend the duration of breaks, five minutes every week, for example, before you realize that even when you don’t have your Smartphone under the eyes all the time, you don’t miss anything.

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