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Tips On Matching Your Wedding Shoes With The Bridal Dress

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It’s no secret that women want to look their very best on their wedding day, spending a lot of time and effort searching for the perfect gown in addition to thinking about the perfect hair and makeup that they want to wear on their special day. The dress is the most crucial part of the whole look, but almost, if not as, important are the shoes you will wear on the day. After all, if you choose the wrong style of shoe or a pair that are uncomfortable, it could effect both how you look and how you feel, so it’s essential that you find the right pair to match your dress and fit your feet!

How to Match Your Shoes to Your Dress

Which shoes you decide on all depends on the gown that you have chosen. For example, if you have opted for a fitted vintage lace affair that oozes timeless elegance and subtle sophistication then you are not going to want a pair of towering, glitzy heels that outshine the dress. What you will probably want to plump for is a pair of short-heeled T-bar shoes, perhaps in a delightful shade of ivory satin, with a champagne or gold leather trim to add a touch of sparkle.

On the other hand, for brides who have gone for a sleek sheath, column or mermaid gown, a sexy peep-toe heel or high-heeled strappy sandal is an ideal accompaniment, adding extra glam to a style of dress that accentuates your feminine curves.

Tips On Matching Your Wedding Shoes With The Bridal Dress

Those brides who have decided to go the non-traditional route and wear a gorgeous short dress or a tea dress style can go all out with their shoes if they so desire, since their feet will be on show. For tea dresses, why not embrace your retro chic with a pair of stunning retro pumps? Alternatively opt for a towering pair of heels, so long as you can walk in them, perhaps in a bold colour or with flamboyant detailing if you’re keen to look practically dramatic as you strut down that aisle.

Finally, brides who love the highly popular ball gown style of dress will be able to indulge their own individual taste in shoes as only you will really know what pair you have on underneath all those skirts! Just make sure that if you go for heels it isn’t easy for the heel to get hooked up in your dress; with all eyes on you, you will want to avoid an embarrassing stumble!

Where to Go

Once you know what style to go for, it should be a piece of (wedding) cake to find the perfect pair of shoes to match your dress. There are many places to find gorgeous wedding shoes in London and elsewhere so be sure to check out boutiques as well as online retailers in your search for the perfect pair of shoes to match your bridal gown.

Just remember that all-important rule: break the shoes in before your big day!

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