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Tips On How To Select The Best Solar Panel For Your Use

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Looking at the success and demand of solar panels, more and more people are considering it a good business. There are several types of solar panels available in the market today and there are numerous manufacturers distributing them.

Each salesman will try to convince you to buy the solar panels he/she is selling. Well, the thing is, when you are thinking of getting solar panels installed, it is crucial that you figure out which one will be best for you, instead of merely falling for what any salesman suggest you.

There are different types of solar panels in the market today and each of them is worth knowing, if you want the most efficient one. Keep one thing in mind though, that the only thing that matters in the end is the overall power generated through the panel. A 3kW system will generate the same amount of electricity no matter whether it is a poly, mono, hybrid or thin film panel.

Tips On How To Select The Best Solar Panel For Your Use

Hybrid Panels:

Hybrid panels are certainly better, when compared to crystalline ones in terms of generating power. However, they are indeed expensive, when compared to crystalline ones. So, unless you have a very small roof to install the crystalline panel, it is not recommended to use hybrid ones.

Thin Film Panels:

Thin film panels are best for dull and diffuse conditions. They are larger in size and hence, need more room for installation, but the good part is they are less expensive. However, since crystalline one is preferred more, most Orange County solar companies in CA will suggest you taking them. Although if you think thin film panels suits your requirements better, then make sure to go for it.

Monocrystalline Panels:

The cells used in monocrystalline panels are nothing but slices cut from crystalline silicon bars. The whole system is aligned in one particular direction. If the sun is shining brightly and all the cells are aligned in correct angle, then they will produce power efficiently. In simple words, this type of panel is best if used in areas where sun shines brightly.

Polycrsytalline Panels:

These panels are made using silicon off cuts. Since the individual crystals are not aligned perfectly and have joints between them, they are not as efficient as monocrystalline ones. However, one of the benefit of this miss-aligned cells is they work better in low light too, since they utilize light from all the angles.

Black Frame Panels:

There are many manufacturers offering completely black panels. These are actually preferred by those, who are much after the appearance, since this panel will definitely look better on slate roofs and roof of traditional cottages.


It is observed that the working of most crystalline modules (no matter if it is polycrystalline or monocrystalline) is quiet similar. Also, they take up the same amount of place on your roof.

So, this means both of them are ideal for home and business use. You can pick the one which fits in your budget perfectly and is easily available.

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