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Thoughtful Wedding Presents For Loved Ones

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Buying the happy couple a unique and thoughtful gift is often harder than it might seem, so we have put together this special guide on a range of different choices to suit the couple! No matter your budget, we have an option that will show you really care. So, let’s get started and look at these wonderful wedding presents for loved ones!

Personalised Christmas Bauble

The first present on our list is a personalised Christmas bauble. Everything feels so much more special in the months after you are married, so help to bring the happy couples wedding memories to life with a personalised christmas bauble! With this gift, every year when they are getting out their Christmas decorations, they will have such amazing memories of you and of their special day. 

This is such a wonderful gift, especially if the wedding is around Christmas time. There are so many options out there to suit any budget, so this is a great choice for anyone. 

3D Portrait 

For something more permanent that can be enjoyed all year round, choose a 3D portrait. You can send a photo to a company of the couple and they will 3D print a portrait out of them with the background of your choice! You can send any extra details about what you’d like them to be wearing when they are turned into custom figurines, or if they have a pet that you want to be included in the portrait. This is an adorable gift that brings love and character to any home. 

Personalised Chopping Board

Next up, we have a personalised chopping board. This is the perfect gift if the couple are food lovers! Go for something that will last, like oak, then you can also have it engraved as a happy memory of their day. No matter the social occasion, you know that they are likely to bring out their chopping board and enjoy it time and time again. 

If the couple aren’t great cooks and are happy to admit it, you could still get them the chopping board but you could also get a simple cookbook so they can start to learn together! If the couple aren’t great cooks, and it’s just your opinion, perhaps avoid this subtle hint! 

Custom Sundial

For couples who absolutely love the outdoors and their garden, you could get them a personalised sundial. This is a special addition to any garden and helps people to feel more connected to the sun. You could customise the colour of the sundial to their personal taste, add a thoughtful message and be a part of a thoughtful addition to their home. This won’t necessarily be right for every couple, but for the right couple, it could be something they cherish for a lifetime. 

Champagne and Glasses

Another idea for a thoughtful wedding present is a bottle of personalised champagne and some glasses. This is a great option if your budget is slightly larger. Plenty of the main champagne companies offer engraved or personalised bottles, so you can add your personal touch to the gift. Then, you could buy some really lovely champagne glasses to accompany the bottle. This is the perfect combination gift, as they have something to enjoy in the short term to help them celebrate (the champagne) but they also have a stunning gift that they will be able to enjoy for all of their married life together (the glasses). 

One Last Tip…Respect Their Wishes

The last tip when it comes to thoughtful wedding presents is to respect the couple’s wishes. If they have asked for something specifically, it is likely there is a reason, so you should stick to it if it’s in your budget. For example, if they create a registry, they will know that they will use everything that they have chosen, nothing will go to waste and nobody’s money will be wasted. Equally, if the couple ask for money, it is likely that they have something in mind that they would like the money to go towards. Or, they might not have the room in their home for lots of new things. 

The best tip when it comes to thoughtful wedding presents is to be considerate of what the couple want! 

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