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There is not only a Specific Solution for Anti-Cellulite

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Cellulite is a problem that affects about 90% of women around the world, and is one of the main reasons for visiting a beauty salon. Well-being and self-esteem Depend to a large extent, your body looks. Everyone wants to look nice and attractive. Mass media such as magazines, radio, television, the cellulite a lot of talk, as well as a number of recommendations to combat this problem. Appears in many different women of misleading advertisements that promise to get rid of For example, by means of cellulite creams. Cellulite is a complex problem, however, with are distinguished as different types from different stages. Author Beauticians are, however, well aware that the only cellulite creams are not enough Release.

Therefore, chose by topic “Cellulite massages to explore a variety of public information Sources, including both print and electronic media, which cellulite is that it causes and why there is a problem just for women and almost never men. The author’s aim was to examine and analyze the collected information, that he I would be able to provide their customers with adequate and effective counsel recommendations. Furthermore, the author wanted to find out what are the most effective cellulite treatments and why.

The different methods of cellulite, stops the author of more cellulite with massage, because it believes that the manual massage techniques best subcutaneous tissue problems. None of the machine is no substitute for care direct physical contact with the customer.

Of course we must admit that the cellulite massage is not a panacea. In order to achieve the desired / desired results, the customer must also be in a balanced diet, sport and monitor daily fluid intake to prevent new cellulite formation.


Cellulite is a cosmetic problem, which occurs particularly rough of the skin surface, also called “orange peel” sets. Cellulite occurs in both obese and lean females. This may occur regardless of age, body weight, physical activity, or in the body structure.

Cellulite the mechanism pathogenesis lies in the subcutaneous adipose tissue microcirculation disorders, which in turn leads to an intracellular edema, (Excess fluid accumulates between the cells), tissue hypoxia (e. Oxygen), acidosis (acidity of tissue), and subcutaneous fat lip dystrophy (Degenerative disorder, which causes changes in the distribution of body fat). Acidosis can also be caused by other diseases. Acids bind / draw about bones of CA INS and thus contribute to the degeneration of the bones – teeth, jaws, spine, etc. Consuming white bread, pasteurized dairy products, sausage and These organisms cause the meat of uric acid, which in turn causes the / favors acidosis. Acidic products – such as vinegar and foods containing it, such as. Pickles, beer, wine, sour unripe fruits – is particularly harmful.

However, it is useful to know that sugar you consume it with fruit or jam, neutralizes acids. Only bases capable acids neutralized. The alkaline reaction in the body can be encouraged to drink water, consuming fresh vegetables, and vegetable juice. Therefore, it is very important to feed balanced manner and to consume enough fluids.

It is experimentally demonstrated that the metabolism of fat will depend on the intensity of bloodstream – what better circulation to improved metabolism. Adipose tissue reduced blood supply can lead to localized hypertrophy of the fat cells, even if your body weight is normal. If the microcirculation is disturbed, then the fat residues are locked into fat cells. This is also the reason for weight loss wherein the fat is lost first in an easily accessible blood supply is optimal.

By understanding the pathogenesis mechanism recognize the anti-cellulite care the nature and importance, which is the key to the improvement of the blood supply.

Why there is cellulite almost 90% of women and rarely in men?

In men, in contrast to women, the subcutaneous fat on the thighs and abdominal area small

“Lobes”, which are separated by dense connective tissue fibers that run diagonal to the surface of the skin. Women have a much higher fat “Samara”, and connective tissue fibers running perpendicularly, and in parallel, which allows the skin during pregnancy during the stretch. This is also the reason why the fat cells increases, could easily penetrate the dermis, causing a visible uneven surface of the skin.

What causes cellulite formation?

Lifestyle and malnutrition. Sugar and high-fat diet, and poor fluid Contributes to cellulite formation. Irregular meals dominated sugary and fatty foods, promotes fat deposition, especially in the lower body. Harmful substances in food: preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, thickeners, which are hormones found in meat and fish, which are caught there As a result of the special feeding of animals. As well as a sedentary lifestyle and lack of work and Physical activity contributes to cellulite formation.

Heredity. This is determined by the fat deposition in areas of the body as well as the severity of cellulite. This is due to the alpha and beta receptors at position the membrane of the fat cell. Hips, abdomen and thighs are the alpha receptors responsible for lip genesis (fat deposition), six times more than beta

Receptors, so it is also cleavage of the fat in those areas slower.

These are also typical areas of fat deposition in women. Hormonal imbalance. This may be caused by the external factors, such as stress, disease, hormone contraceptives, food consumed composition, as well as genetically determined. Therefore it is not physically active and good eating habits for the people of this problem completely protected. Women’s fat cells are responsible for blood levels of reproductive cells: the higher estrogen levels in the body fat starts to stratify. Contraceptives pills contained a synthetic hormone intensifies fat deposition

(Accumulation). Contraception contains a hormone relaxes

The walls of the veins and increases blood clotting, favoring the formation of agglomerates. Enlarged veins due to deteriorating blood circulation and cell metabolism is disturbed. Obesity can occur at any age, occurring in particular during periods of hormonal change such as puberty, pregnancy, after delivery, during menopause and hormonal preparations induced.

Rapid weight changes. Rapid weight gain or loss

Occur in the body rather extensive cellulitis. If a person, for example, fast, the body learns to preserve and collect food reserves. Cellulitis often occurs during pregnancy time. This is due to both the increased blood levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, as well as weight gain. In addition to the fetus compresses the blood vessels thus preventing Blood circulation. Cellulite can also worsen after childbirth, because hormone levels has not arrived yet stabilized, and usually eats the young mother more, which in turn, contributes to weight gain.

* Clothing. Young women should avoid excessively tight jeans because they prevent the circulation of the blood.

* Digestive problems that often go hand in hand with bad or false eating habits.

* Stress. In a situation of stress the body produces the hormone adrenaline, which narrows peripheral blood vessels, and therefore, deteriorates the microcirculation. This in turn raises muscle tension, preventing blood and Lust firing death.

All of the above reasons affect both the type and severity of cellulite,

Possess a certain standard features. Types of cellulite and stages.

The main types of cellulite:

* Edematous cellulite. Extremities – hips, thighs and legs – is increased. A typical lymph fluid retention in the tissues, the skin looks troubled region the rough, but more swollen than flabby.

* Fibers root line or severe cellulitis. Characteristic of collagen and elastin Torn fibers in the structure, fiber has become hard, stiff and thickened. Cellulite protrusions tight, hard and sensitive (painful). This type of there are mostly young, good women; stretch marks are typical.

* Easy to cellulite. Characteristic of the weak connective tissue and poor muscle tone (Hypertonia). Predominantly affects women who lack of physical activity. Such a type of cellulite is difficult to maintain (cure?). Often occurs in the blood vessels problems, and varicose veins. Occurs mainly after severe weight loss or delivery.

* Combined cellulite can occur in various body regions

Various types.

Cellulite stages

1-new stage: The skin is smooth and soft, even tone. This type is called the “models” type, for the relief of the skin can be seen only in a very strong light. Bruising and hematomas healing process will take longer than normal time. Retention occurs in the lymph in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. This stage of the diagnosis advised a thermograph movie / pictures.

2-nd stage: changes in the skin surface. Chronic lymphatic and venous blood impaired circulation. The muscle is tightening dimples / nodules more visible. Palpation (touch) appears to cellulite skin cooler area.

3rd Stage: Skin surface is rough. Subcutaneous adipose tissue is disrupted Blood circulation and fluid retention is increased. Localized or diffuse fibrosis. ??

Palpation is to feel micro nodules (knots). Cellulite region skin cooler; squeezing it looks painful. Cardiovascular problems arise – A network of blood vessels becoming visible.

4th stage: encapsulated, increased fat cell assemblies are easy to see; a significant decrease in the elasticity of the skin; poor blood circulation, the skin surface is rough and rough and painful squeezing. The micro nodules has joined macro modules. Macro modules also called “black holes” (the black holes)


Lymphatic circulation is closely related to the entire system, both Anatomically and physiologically. Lymphatic system consists of lymph vessels, and Lymphoid organs. Here you`ll find more info Truth about cellulite by Joey Atlas

The main functions of the lymphatic system:

1) The lymphatic system filters out excessive tissue fluid and transfer it back into the bloodstream;
2) Lymph capillary adsorb fat in the intestinal region and transporting thereof into the bloodstream;
3) The lymphatic system helps protect the body from disease.

Lymph and lymph capillary.

Lymph are yellowish, transparent liquid, which flows into the lymphatic system. There the lymph filtering blood plasma through the thin walls of the capillaries. There will be intercellular fluid (tissue fluid). The names of tissue fluid formation process.

Filtering. Usually this is done in the arterial end of the capillary. Capillary But at the end of the venous tissue fluid is reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Part a liquid which is not absorbed back into the blood stream, is drawn lymph capillaries.

Tissue fluid, which flows lymph capillary now, is called lymph KS. Consequently, the lymphatic tissue fluids will be absorbed back into the bloodstream. Day moving so l 2-4 lymph circulation system. Trouble lymph English is vital to the body. If lymph circulation is disturbed, the tissue fluid into the tissues Stick (increased retention). This condition is called edema or swelling. Lymphatic lymph capillary is the smallest grooves. They are located in all tissues of the body, and it begins with the lymphatic system. Lymph capillary is microscopic in size, and one end thereof is closed. The capillary walls consisting of a special epithelial tissue, which allows easy through the tissue fluid.

Lymphatic vessel

Small lymph capillary join together lymphatic vessels. And lymphatic’s Construction is similar to the walls of blood vessels. Located in the walls of the lymphatic valves, which lymph prevent reflux. Thus, the lymph flows only in one tissue saunas- into the bloodstream. Finally, all the lymphatic vessel will join two major lymphatic vessel, which in turn flow into the left and right subclavian vein access this. Its flows into the general circulation resulting in the lymph.

Lymph, lymph flow, which is similar to the flow of blood in the blood vessels, ensure that muscle contraction, movement of the intestines and any other body movements.

Lymph Nodes

Lymph fluid flows through the lymph nodes, where it is filtered. Lymph nodes are small and oval-shaped. From the outside they are covered with fibrous casing, located inside However, the system of cavities, which are also located on the lymphocytes and macrophages, and hence flows through the lymph. Lymph nodes are located in the body mostly in clusters.

Major lymph node clusters located:

* The lymph nodes under the arm;
* Inguinal lymph nodes;
* Cubit Lymph Nodes;
* Thoracic lymph nodes
* Cervical
* Lumbar lymph nodes

The entire lower limbs lymph inbound filter through, hands coming through the lymph cervical etc. Lymph nodes contain a large amount of lymphocytes as well as macrophages. Macrophages clean the lymph germs and other foreign bodies, Lymphocytes, however, eliminate the foreign proteins and forming them Immune response.

Lymphoid tissue. Lymphoid tissue is:

* Almonds
* Spleen
* Thymus
* Lymphoid tissue in the small intestine.

Thus, the lymphatic system is indispensable for the body’s defense system, but it also the opposite aspect. When the human body is caused by a malignant tumor (cancer), then spread through the lymphatic metastasis of just the body apart.

Anti-cellulite care thus has a lymphatic drainage (massage)

Of key importance. Massage as technique helps alleviate swelling and prevent fluid retention. This is General Balancing effect; toxins and waste products is removed, which directly facilitates weight loss and enhances overall well-being feeling: fatigue disappears, and increases throughput. Cell regeneration is activated, residual substances are released from the tissues, improves blood circulation and lymphatic stream intensifies.

Feeder revealed death also has a relaxing effect: relax the muscles and the nervous system is more balanced. Our body depends on the state of health so directly lymphatic system works properly.

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