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The Wonderful History Of The Volkswagen Camper

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The Volkswagen camper van Is an iconic vehicle that has been around for decades. Subsequent to the ending of WWII, this famous vehicle has brought forth a few eras. Shockingly, the last one moved off of the production line in January of 2014. Need to know how this van turned out to be so notable? Here is a look at this brief history of the unique VW camper van.

The Wonderful History Of The Volkswagen Camper

1947: The Beginning

The camper van was introduced as a basic vehicle. Today, it is one of the most recognizable vehicles. It is now officially part of pop history. It was made to bear auto parts a large VW plant in Britain. Prior to its development, maker utilized the pared down VW Beetles to use this assignment. In 1947, a Dutch VW shipper, by the name of Ben Pon, concocted a thought for a van in light of the Beetle. Out of this idea, the primary VW camper van was conceived. Throughout the following couple of years, Volkswagen developed this idea and thought of right around a 100 diverse body blends with an assortment of employments including the camper van, pick-ups, ambulances, fire motors, and the sky is the limit from there.

1949: The Introduction of the “Splitty”

The “Splitty” or split model VW van, was introduced in 1949. To this day it is a standout amongst the most prominent models right up ’til the present time. Indeed, these vans could cost $50,000 if they do not have much wear and tear. VW made the ‘Splitty ‘, or as they are formally known, the Type 2, until 1967. In the mid-1950s, the Splitty was acquainted with the US market, where it did really well. Actually, very nearly 200,000 vans were sold by the mid-1960s.

1967: The First Evolution of the Type 2

The Bay supplanted the “Splitty” model in 1967. Enhancements in the new update included:

A bigger chassis that could carry around bigger loads

A speed increment of up to 80 mph

More pleasurable ride

An all the more intense motor. It was later changed to a 2L model

Better electrics

1975: The Bay Camper Bus

The Bay Camper Bus model moved off of the production line in 1975. In spite of the fact that it had a great number of the same components as the Bay, the Bay Camper Bus had an alternate narrow window plan. This model soon picked up an immense following. The new outline of the Bay Camper Bus was designed for more storage room. They additionally had hoisting rooftops that could rest more than five individuals. By 1975, the Hanover production line had discharged 4 million of these sorts of vans.

1979: The T4, T5, and the T25

VW quit delivering the Bay window transport and supplanted it with the T25 in 1979. They likewise released the T4 and T5 models. Despite the fact that these models didn’t get to be symbols like the Splitty, they were still popular.

In 2014 the VW Camper Production is Ceased

After 70 years of producing great vehicles, the camper van was resigned in January 2014, primarily in light of the fact that VW was no more ready to adjust it to stay aware of the security regulations of the current age. Notwithstanding being discontinued, the camper van is still a prominent vehicle. You can still hope to see these vehicles out and about for a long time to come. Their mystic is very much still around. To find out more about the VW camper, visit

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