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The Top 7 Mistakes Sellers Make When Choosing A Realtor

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When you are looking for a real estate agent, you need to make sure that you are in the right hands. It requires a lot of time and patience to find a good real estate agent. It is really important to ensure that the agent has the required knowledge and understanding to show you a place that is perfect for you. Many a times we tend to give in to an agent without considering or thinking about the after effects. There are many properties in Pune that are available for rent or for purchase but with the right guidance you can get the perfect choice.

The Top 7 Mistakes Sellers Make When Choosing A Realtor

A real estate agent plays a very vital role when you are looking for that perfect home. It is important that the agent who you are dealing with should be one who is honest and has the relevant experience and knowledge to guide you in the right manner. Many times there are a few mistakes that we tend to do while we are choosing a real estate agent to show us the various properties in Pune

  • A family member or friend is in the industry

While this can be a real benefit in a way, however, it is always best to keep relationships aside. A lot of time there are a lot of expectations that come across when you are working with someone known to you. This is why it is good to take the services of someone who is not known to you.

  • Lack of research

When we are looking out for a real estate agent, we often do not spend the required amount of time to make a well informed decision. While you will get a lot of agents who will speak the words that will suit your ears only for the sake of business, you need to keep in mind that you need a person who can actually guide you and not corn you to buy or rent a place.

  • Being overconfident with your judgment ability

It is good to be confident; however overconfidence can actually kill you. When you are selecting an agent, it is essential that you should go ahead and take the necessary references instead of just going by what you see. There may be times that we can make a mistake in our judgment which can result to a lot of problems in the future.

  • Agents which cheaper commissions are good

Another mistake that we tend to do is trying to be penny wise pound foolish. In the bargain of saving a few bucks on the commission that we will pay the agent, we tend to go for one which offers a lower commission. This is a big risk which should not be taken.


Looking at the various properties in Pune to search for that perfect home for us is a task that can be really challenging. This is why it is important that we should have a good property dealer in our hands that can go ahead and guide us accordingly and help us get the right home.

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