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The Supplies You Need In Order To Open Your Own Bar

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Opening your own bar requires a lot of work and preparation. You have to find the right location, get the correct permits, do all of the paperwork to start a business, and then get everything ready on-site. After you’ve purchased your barstools, tables, and chairs, you have to make sure you’re fully stocked up on liquor and other beverages. Then you have to think about food and if you’re going to serve any type of snacks. There’s also branding and marketing to think about as well.

Even after all of this, you still have more work to do. You have to make sure that you’ve purchased all the supplies you need to open the bar! At this point, you may be exhausted, and that means you might forget to order half of what you need. This list of necessary supplies will help you remember at least some of the things you’ll need to purchase.

The Supplies You Need In Order To Open Your Own Bar


Many bars have small napkins that serve as drink coasters. Others use full-sized napkins, especially in the establishments that serve a full menu of food. Either way, you’re going to want napkins of some sort just in case there’s a spill. Your first inclination may be to order napkins that have your bar name or logo on them. While that can definitely be a good branding move later on, when you are first opening, plain white napkins are often more budget-friendly, since you can buy them in bulk.


You’re going to go through a lot of straws at your bar, so be prepared to order them by the thousands. While some people may not want a straw in their beer, you’re likely to serve many of them in your mixed drinks. If you serve many of these types of beverages, you’ll want to purchase your straws from a wholesale bar supplies company so you can get the best bargain.

Swizzle Sticks

Swizzle sticks are small plastic sticks that often look like little straws. They’re used to stir mixed drinks and they are left in the glass when serving beverages to customers. Many are plain or have a small round handle at the top. You can often find them in many different colours so you can order stirrers that match your overall colour theme.

Bottle Bin

If you serve a lot of beer, you’re going to want to have something in which to store all of those empty bottles. A bottle bin is the perfect solution because it’s designed specifically for bottles, unlike a general rubbish bin. This also makes it very easy to recycle the glass, since you know that the only refuse going into this bin will be empty bottles. Bottle bins generally come with built-in wheels, so you can easily move them around, something that’s not as easy to do with a standard rubbish bin. Many are designed to help cut down on the noise of bottles hitting against each other as well, which is particularly helpful in quieter settings.

Floor Mats

Finally, your bartenders are going to be on their feet for hours at a time. Make sure they are comfortable with cushioned floor mats. These anti-fatigue mats are designed to help reduce stress on the feet and legs when standing for hours.

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