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The Secret Behind Growing Long and Beautiful Nails

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The secret behind growing long and beautiful nails is a process involving several steps. If you observe proper nail care, it is possible to grow them to your desired length. However, there is need to quit bad nail habits followed by proper manicuring and taking appropriate vitamins.

The Secret Behind Growing Long and Beautiful Nails

1. Stop bad habits

Some habits such as nail biting can be detrimental to your health. Additionally, it is not a good idea to bite your nails especially if you are hoping to grow them long and beautiful. Some crucial nail care tips to ensure you don’t bite your nails include:

  • Keeping them neatly polished. You might want to add some nail art to ensure that you are less likely to bite them.
  • Chewing gum whenever you feel bored
  • Refrain from biting the skin around the nails to avoid hurting the nails themselves
  • If you have a severe nail biting tendency, consider involving the services of boredom and anxiety therapist.

2. Stop wearing gels and acrylics

If you remove gel nails or acrylic in a rush, it is likely to leave the nails brittle, dry and less likely to grow. Similarly, proper removal can destroy the nails because it happens with soaked nail beds. Nail beds are the most sensitive when wet. Try alternating if you want to get acrylic or gel manicures and go for a traditional manicure in between.

You should also stop picking at the chipped polish because doing so can remove your nail bed’s top layer forming a weak base. Also, you should not skip top coats and base coats. Usually, this happens when someone is in a hurry, and they want their polish to dry faster. However, skipping base coats and top coats can damage the nails since these coats protect nails from staining. Additionally, the coats ensure that polish adheres perfectly to the nails.

You may as well want to stop using the nails as tools. Some people misuse their nails but are frustrated when they don’t grow longer and beautiful. They use them to scrap glue, unfasten key rings, peeling labels among other activities that might break or damage their nails. Usually, people don’t even realize that they are doing it.

3. Get proper vitamins

Some vitamins are known for their ability to promote longer and beautiful nails. For instance, you should get a lot of Vitamin H because it helps with nail growth and is able to make them strong as well. The Vitamin can be obtained from mushrooms, salmon, avocado, bananas and whole grains.
It is also appropriate to consume foods that contain folic acid. Folic acid is also known as Vitamin B9 and is among the best nail growth vitamins. Because the body excretes excess folic acid, it is not possible to consume much. This vitamin is abundant in red meat, fish, soy products and cheese. Other important nail growth vitamins include Vitamins C and A.

4. Manicuring properly

Proper nail care tips revolve around proper manicuring to ensure that the nails grow long and strong. You will need to observe proper care at the base of your nails. This means regular base cleaning and filing to shape them and maintain the cuticles. Moreover, you will need to choose a perfect shape for your nails that promotes growth. It is easier to maintain a round shape, and square-shaped nails are likely to be used as tools.

5. There is need to take proper care to the cuticles

This can be done by soaking the nails in warm water to loosen the cuticles. You will also need to push back the dead skin using a cuticle stick. Using hyaluronic acid around and on the cuticle makes them healthy. Make sure that the cuticles stay moisturized all the times by applying moisturizer to prevent broken nails and hangnails.

6. Use strengthening treatments

There are several strengthening treatments for stronger and longer nails in the market. Once you are done shaping the base of your nails and taking proper care to the cuticles, consider applying a strengthening treatment on your nails. Go for treatments that fit your schedule and budget. Usually, the best strengthening treatment will help protect your nails against chipping.


The best way to achieve desirable longer nails is by avoiding bad nail habits. You will also want to watch what you eat because the right food helps nails grow. Vitamins such as A, C, B9, and H are packed with the required elements for nail growth.

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