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The Party Capitals Of The Caribbean

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Most of us love to travel. What sets us apart is the reason that we do and what we want to get out of each trip we take. Some like outdoor adventures, others thrive on discovering art and culture scenes, or just like hitting up the local boutiques on the shopping strip. Families will want to have a list of kid-friendly attractions, overworked employees will be looking for a spot to just unplug and let loose, but there’s still one major magnet that attracts tourists everywhere: entertainment.

Still a broad term, since entertainment can encompass anything from a casual drive-in movie to a night at the opera, let’s focus on a more meaningful term: PARTY!

From college students to professionals looking to feel a buzz and dance along to the beat, even tired parents looking for an escape from everyday reality, we can all benefit from a night out on the town and there’s no better time than when we are on vacation.

If you’re looking to book a vacation in the Caribbean with more than a mini disco at your resort, focus your efforts on the following three cities. They are all known for their high quality entertainment scene and ability to keep you up all night with the chance to sleep it off at the pool during the day.

Punta Cana, DR

Known as the “Latino Las Vegas”, nowhere else will you find the casino and show business scene as developed or as fun. You can experience something new every night, with a healthy selection of cabaret shows, live music, discotheques and more. If you are looking for a starting point, Coco Bongo offers the biggest party in Punta Cana and is an all-in-one experience. Come for dinner, stay for the show and finish off on the stage yourself as the dancefloor opens up at the end of the night.

Varadero, Cuba

With the setting sun comes the rise of a different rhythm: it’s time to enjoy the nightlife. Though the long beaches of Varadero have some of the most beautiful sand on the island, the plentiful bars are known for their vibrant (tequila) sunrises. Time for a little dirty dancing, a few drinks on an open courtyard, and enough entertainment to last you to your next trip. With the Cuban relationship with US on the mend, the music is just going to get louder, the selection more plentiful, and crowds more fun.

Cancun, Mexico


Famous as a top Spring Break destination for college students, this paradise has more to offer than palm trees, white beaches, and the clearest water you have ever seen. Cancun’s nightlife is nothing short of legendary and no matter which one of the clubs you decide to visit, good music, plentiful alcohol, and tropical vibes are guaranteed. From beach clubs, to dancefloors under the starry sky, and the lowest cover charges you have ever seen, the magical nights here are intoxicating and we aren’t even referring to the drinks! No need to leave your nightlight on. It’ll be light by the time you get back to your hotel.

If a party is what you are looking for, your targets are laid out for you. Each one of these party capitals will impress you, surprise you, and fill you with an energy you have never felt before. So go ahead, book a hotel, a resort or just a flight. Just follow the sounds of merengue and there’s no way you can miss it.

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