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The Obligations Possessed By The Employers And The Employees

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Times when a worker gets injured at a workplace, a series of actions take place. The measures that anyone takes must be calculated and rational. This is necessary so that the working at the place can proceed in a smooth manner without any hindrance. There are certain basic responsibilities, which apply to the employer as well as the employee within any enterprise.

The Obligations Possessed By The Employers And The Employees

Responsibilities that apply to employer

  • The employer is the primary node, who ensures that the workplace and the equipment contained within it are completely secure for the workers. The abode must be completely safe for them to work.
  • The employer is the person who needs to finalize any documents that are required. He needs to complete the report of injury report that contains the information about the injuries suffered by the worker, and is also responsible to forward them to workers’ compensation-carrier.
  • The employer should always play the safe card. He/she should not violate any laws or protocols that might put the injured employee to any grave danger. If the worker insists on seeing his personal doctor, then he should be allowed, else the company doctor should be availed to him under any circumstances.
  • The employer is responsible for assisting the compensation carrier with any legit assistance or help he might require. The attorney might be interested in knowing certain information like the injured employees’ payroll history, his story of getting injured from the co-workers or his personnel records. The employee should be available to provide him all-time assistance as he might please.
  • The employer is even responsible for welcoming the injured employee back to his employment. He cannot terminate his working tenure based on the fact that he has charged a compensation claim on the enterprise. If any such situation takes place, then the employer might face criminal or civil charges.

Responsibilities that apply to employee

  • The employee must act as a responsible worker. He will not be provided with any compensation under cases, where,
  • He has suffered an injury in the workplace while he was intoxicated
  • He was committed to a crime scene
  • When he knowingly tends to violate a code of rules or a policy stated.
  • If the employer gets injured at work, then he should report it immediately to the employer or the immediate upper-authority to look into the matter. He should ask the employer to fill a form for him and also request him for certain personal records, which will help him charge a claim.
  • The employer should be careful with every piece of information that he is provided by the employer, including the “first report of injury”, which can be used for any future references.
  • The employer should be very co-operative with his insurance company. He should abide by their requests and consult any medical assistance that they request you to. If you do not do so, then it might raise an air of suspicion and your compensation claim can be canceled.

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