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The Most Important Skills For Succeeding In A Medical Career

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The Medical Field in India is more extensive as compared to the other fields out there. To do well can be a Herculean task but can be accomplished easily if you’re truly interested and fit for the job.

What are the basic requirements?

  1. The Board Examinations

Academically, the medical field requires you to have PCB subjects viz., Physics, Chemistry and Biology as part of your curriculum. The NCERT has revised the syllabus that would truly benefit you when you are practically acquainted to the field. Regular studies for the Boards will ensure that are thoroughly well-versed with the syllabus and your concepts sorted.

  1. The Entrance Examinations

The next hurdle that’ll come along your way is a big one. The college entrance examinations. Colleges require students who have done well in their Boards and their Entrance examinations as the procedure distinguishes the better students from a huge lot that is aspiring to do well in the Medical field.

The Central Board Of Secondary Education conducts a specific Entrance examination- All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Examination (AIPMT) for students who wish to enter the field. The Examination offers 4 marks for every right answer and a negative mark (-1) for every wrong attempt. The official website offers all the latest information you need as to what form to fill, when the examination will be conducted, etc. Also, CBSE Board also offers an app for your android devices for quick review of information needed on the go.

How Could you get past them?

The negative marking definitely increases the difficulty of this exam by 10 fold and the students are terrified of facing such hurdles. To enter you must have a compassionate will to work hard and practice on a daily basis. More tips to crack these exams would be to have:

  1. Conceptual Clarity
  2. Consistent Study Patterns
  • Entire concentration on the syllabus during studying routines
  1. A Relaxed Mind that’ll help you to cover more.

But Is All this Enough?

Being Academically proficient though is not the only thing that’ll help you make it big in the Medical Field. You need something more. The examinations are merely your entry in to the field but what you need is the primitive urge – the desire to serve; that makes you choose the career in the first place. The basic skills required are:

  • Problem solving and Analyzing capabilities

Quick decisions are extensively required when you’re up and about actually helping people recover. You always have to be on your toes and clear judgements that are fair and appropriate.

  • Communication and Social Skills

Communication is one of the biggest parameter that are required when you’re in the medical field. Also, having basic knowledge in the operation of computers will also be beneficial.

  • Stamina

Working hard in your formative years and doing as much as you can is going to require a lot of stamina.

  • Patience

A patient goes through a lot of hurt and pain and it’s necessary for the healer to be sensitive and understand things from the patient’s point of view. For this, extreme patience and calmness is required in the personality of one entering this field.


The path to medicine is a tough one, but can be easily accessed if you’re willing to put in your best and are prepared to do the needful. Gaining success in the field is determined by your overall personality and your dedication to the subject.

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