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The Most Dangerous Of Dog Breeds – A Detailed Analysis

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Dogs can be very adorable creatures that are widely adopted as pets. However in some situations even the most playful dogs can become very dangerous. The following are dangerous dog breeds that a dog owner should take note of before adopting.

The Most Dangerous Of Dog Breeds - A Detailed Analysis


Studies conducted by the CDC established Pitbulls as one of the more dangerous dog breeds. These dogs are extremely strong, and extremely dangerous.  Pitbulls are people oriented dogs. Irresponsible owners and breeders have combined to make this one of the more infamous dog breeds.


These dogs are also responsible for several fatalities in California and other places. These dogs are ferocious and have particularly strong jaws. They also do not get along well with strangers and other dogs. They become even more dangerous if they presume their owner to be in danger. This makes the Rottweiler a dog breed to watch out for.

German Shepherds

These are easily one of the most popular dog breeds around the world, but they are also very dangerous. German Shepherds are K-9 dogs and they are used for law enforcement purposes. They are extremely protective of their owners and are territorial, which makes them a danger to strangers who they perceive to be a threat to their owner.


These dogs were responsible for a lot of fatalities in California as well. Huskies are a majestic, intelligent and energetic dog breed. They are also very difficult to train and that might make them behave poorly with strangers and other dogs. Huskies are not recommended for owners who are getting their first dog because of how hard it is to train them.


These dogs look very similar to a Husky but are recognised as a completely different dog breed. These dogs are generally people oriented and friendly, but tend to become very dangerous if they are bored. They need to be given constant exercise and activity and kept away from densly populated areas.

Chow Chows

This dog looks very cute and adorable, but that couldn’t be further from the actual truth. Chow Chows are fiercely protective of their properties and their owners. It is not advised for any stranger to go near the owner or the dog without the owner’s permission.

Breed Specific Dog Bite Laws.

Several states have established laws that are specific for types of dog breeds. These laws can restrict the adoption of certain dogs because of their history of misbehaviour and violent conduct.

The dog bite law San Diego and California states that the owner of the dog is clearly responsible for all the dog attacks and the dogs conduct all the time. The owner is responsible for damages claimed by the victim of a dog bite.  Because a dog bite is dangerous, several states have made it so that the dog can be declared dangerous not based on its breed but on its behaviour alone.

Dogs are a good pet to have, but taking care of them is a huge responsibility. The owner should make sure that he is well equipped to handle not only the feeding and sheltering of the dog, but also the behaviour of the dog around other humans. The owner has to make sure that his dog does not cause harm to other members of the society, and has to claim responsibility for his dog. The right dog breed for you can be selected by keeping all this in mind.

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