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The Importance Of Blood Testing For Vitamin Levels In The Body

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The human body needs certain vitamins and minerals to function properly. Skin, hair, teeth, bones and vital organs need particular vitamins and minerals to function properly. Depletion of some of these nutrients can cause weakness, illness and hamper one’s ability to fight off infections. Many people think that they are safe simply because the take a multivitamin supplement. That is not always the case. If the vitamin and mineral balances are off it could change the way the body processes the supplements. Further, if a person has not been tested to see what vitamins are depleted, they may take too much of a vitamin or not enough of another. Sadly, people spend millions of pounds/dollars annually on supplements without ever being tested to see if the vitamins and nutrients are working or if you have too much of a certain vitamin in the body. A simple blood test from Kuer Clinics can answer all the questions about any depletions or surpluses of vitamins and minerals of a patient.

The Importance Of Blood Testing For Vitamin Levels In The Body


A very common problem having to do with lack of minerals in the blood is anaemia. Anaemia is present when there is not enough iron in the blood. It is not uncommon to see a deficiency of vitamin B12 in a patient with anaemia. The blood of a patient with anaemia will show fewer red blood cells than normal. If there is also a deficiency of B12, the red blood cells will appear large and underdeveloped.

Anaemia causes a person to feel tired and run down. They lack energy. They also may feel weak and have pale skin. Cold hands and feet are also a symptom as well as headaches.

Anaemia is easy to treat with iron supplements or in severe cases with blood infusion. Healthy eating habits are necessary to maintain the correct level of iron in the blood. But for some diet is not enough to regulate their iron levels.

The symptoms for low vitamin B12 are the same as the symptoms for Anaemia. It is important that your medical professional run a blood profile for each of these. It is possible to have both anaemia and vitamin B12 deficiency. If both are not checked, you may not be addressing the complete issue.

Vitamin D and the Sun

Vitamin D is produced by the skin to protect us from the sun. When a person is in sunlight the body produces vitamin D. The problem is too much sunlight can damage skin in some cases sunlight can make one seriously ill. People must protect their bodies against the sun and we do so with sunscreen, and clothing. It is impossible for a person to know if they have enough vitamin D without having the blood checked.

Too Much of a Good Thing

It is possible to harm your health by self-diagnosis and blindly taking vitamins without knowing if your body needs them. For example, too much vitamin E can cause bleeding, tiredness, headaches and blurred vision. Too much vitamin A can cause birth defects, liver damage and damage to the central nervous system. The fact is the human body is a finely tuned machine. Too much or not enough of any necessary to be healthy can be a problem.

Some vitamins are water soluble and can be taken daily others are fat soluble which means the excess is stored in the fat and then in the liver of the body. Over dosing on a fat soluble vitamin or mineral can eventually cause liver damage.

Having a blood test to determine vitamin levels and gives your health care provider a profile from which to work. It is a cost efficient way to protect and improve your general health. It is a simple and cost efficient way to care for your health.

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