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The Future Of The App and App Store Optimization

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What does the future of the app and app store optimization look like? How do you develop an app in today’s increasingly fast-paced, changing market? Some believe communications are being “fragmented into a series of hyper-focused communities” and that apps will go the route of “notification systems that push content as necessary.” However the app changes over the next few years, app store optimization is more and more a huge part of mobile marketing success.

“Want to talk to a contact on a particular social network? Do it within that app,” writesAl Cook, director of product marketing at Twilio, in a recent article for Forbes. “Want to talk to the owner of a house-sharing rental you’re interested in? Have the communication within that app’s ecosystem. We believe every app will have their own communication capabilities built into them. Every. Single. App.

The Future Of The App and App Store Optimization

“By communicating in a specialized environment that is integrated with the product or service customers are using, they gain a much richer, more contextual experience that fundamentally changes the efficiency of the interaction,” Cook continues. “For app developers and customer-service-focused companies, this level of communication builds loyalty with customers, raises conversion rates and lowers overall costs.”

Customer loyalty, higher conversion rates and lower costs are certainly attractive ideas when going about the app design process, as there’s some one million apps currently floating around the iTunes and Google Play stores. Competition is only going to increase, making app store optimization more important than ever. On-page ASO such as app title and description, app type and category, app icon and app screenshot remain essential, as is having a deep understanding on the competition, especially in terms of keywords.

If the future of communications is truly “embedded within apps,” as Cook believes, app store optimization companies will make serious pushes to have apps function as user “homepages.”

“I see the first app you turn to in the morning as the new homepage, writes Google Ventures partner and Apple blogger MG Siegler. “Some might argue it’s your entire home screen of apps, but I don’t think that’s right. It’s the one service you care most about, no matter the reason, and want to load immediately upon hitting the web. The delivery device has changed, but the concept has not.”

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