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The Detailed History Of The Boston Bruins

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The history of the Boston Bruins can be mapped out to the beseeching of the NHL. The Bruins are in the Northeast NHL division and home to Boston Massachusetts, which is part of the Eastern Conference. The bruins were introduced in 1924 into the NHL and the Bruins where the first United States hockey team. Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Chicago Black Hawks, and the Montreal Canadians, these teams are known as the original six, because they were the first hockey teams of the National Hockey League. Just second to the Detroit Red Wings which have eleven, the Boston Bruins have the second most Stanly cups victory wins at five. The Bruins perform at the TD Bank Garden which is located in the core of Boston.

NHL: JAN 09 Bruins at Senators

With a record of 6-24, the Bruins ended up in last place in spite of winning their first ever hockey sport in 1st December, 1924. According to David Barcomb, the Bruins had the best winning season in 1929 and they have won 38 out of 44 games, with a .875 winning percentage, which still stands as the best winning hockey season of any NHL team. The Bruins landed in the Stanly cup finals in 1929, but they lost to the Montreal Canadians, which was the beseeching to a long time rivalry. The Boston Bruins was the primary NHL team to chant an African-American by the name of Willie O’ree who was the first every black man to play in the National Hockey League.

Of all-time, the 1929-1930 Boston Bruins had the highest single season winning percentage. Beating Michigan State, Maryland, Stanford, Michigan, Arizona, Washington State, etc., the Bruins won 28 games this year. In every position, they have key players. Even though the Bruins have cleared their ranking they have also had a lot of assistance. In the American Division, the Bruins were easily the top team. Nonetheless, from the Canadian Division, the Montreal Canadians became the ultimate winners that season of the Stanley Cup.

For the team, the Boston Bruins the pre-world-war two days was a very good time, they almost won every game, and in the Stanly cup finals, they wound up more times than not. The bean town hockey team went on a 29-years dearth, which did not end until 1970s. In overtime, Bobby Orr scored the game winning goal that have ended the drought and eventually won the Stanly cup. In the 80s, the Boston Bruins had a very good going winning streak but it was short lived because in the mid-90s the Bruins went through some very harsh times. In 2007, finally the Bruins picked up head coach Claude Julien and they brought back the main jersey logo of old 1932, and as a mini logo, they placed it on the side of their jerseys. As David Barcomb believes, just like any other National Hockey League team, the Boston Bruins had some real ups and downs, but in actuality that is what makes hockey a great sport.

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