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The Current Usage Of Laravel Development and Ruby On Rail Development

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Laravel framework, one of the most effective PHP frameworks, has become hugely popular among the majority of developers. It is exclusively designed to create model view controller (MVC) applications. So, what kind of features does it carry that it has become so popular these days. To put it simply, it is all about the simplicity of the framework as it allows you to write codes in the most simplistic form such as Ruby on Rails. This PHP framework is highly used to create wonderful design on the web.

The Current Usage Of Laravel Development and Ruby On Rail Development

A Peep into Market Share:

One of the great advantages of working with Laravel framework is that it enables the web developers to create a website more quickly and conveniently than ever. Developers use the framework as it enables them to access solid and tested components of another PHP framework Symfony and other powerful packages. It is exclusively used to create wonderfully functional and beautiful designs. This is the reason why Laravel enjoys a market share of 25.85% while Symfony enjoys a market share of 2 10.62%.

As per Google Trends:

As per the Google trends also, Laravel is trending high in comparison to other PHP frameworks including Symfony, Cake PHP, Zend Framework and others.

Why one should use Laravel?

Laravel is getting highly popular among the developers for multiple reasons. Quite naturally an expert Laravel Developer chooses the application over other in getting the development done for the excellent features and benefits that Laravel carries including automatic pagination, flexible routing system, view composers, effective unit testing.

Benefits of Laravel:

Simple and Quick
Convenient setup and customization process
Stress free coding
Pre-enabled tools to protect from injection and xss attacks making it less complex
In-built features to aid in template engines, dependency injection containers, service layers and well built code

Ruby on Rails:

On the other hand, Ruby on Rails is certainly not dead. Even though it was never marketed as a performance first framework, it was rather marketed as a framework you would choose when you were in a hurry to get the project done as quickly as possible. However, in the current competitive market, Ruby on Rails is gaining spike once again. It has become a lovely choice for any Ruby developer as it enables them to program a complex modern web application in simplified method.

Market Share of Ruby on Rails:

While websites using other languages like PHP 5.3 and ASP.NET enjoy market share of 20.01% and 18.5% respective, the same websites with Ruby on Rails enjoy market share of 18.91% and 17.4% respectively.

Benefits of Ruby on Rails:

Getting a working prototype up that runs extremely quickly
Easy to check the feasibility of a project
Time saving and less expensive
Active and helpful community

Web Usage via Ruby on Rails:

Latest survey confirms a total of 1, 390, 835 websites have used Ruby on Rails framework for website building. 18.62% business and industry have so far adopted Ruby on Rails framework for the development of their business brand while 9.88% websites have been built in Arts and Entertainment category alongside 7.87% Internet and Telecom, 5.51% in Shopping and 58.12% for others.

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