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The Best Places To Go For Your Next Road Trip

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A road trip is on many people’s bucket list, normally route 66 in the United States of America. However, there are many other beautiful places around the world to experience. Here are five different places that you and your friends can experience for a trip of a lifetime!

North Coast 500, Scotland

Scotland is an amazing country to visit. There is beautiful scenery across the whole country, however it can be very cold. There are many wonderful places to visit in Scotland and many roads to explore. 

Scotland is the ideal place for you to consider visiting with your friends or family. The North Coast 500 starts and finishes at Inverness Castle. It goes all the way up the East coast at the top of the country. It then goes across the top to Durness and then all the way back down the West coast. The North Coast 500 is not the oldest road trip on this list but is definitely one to consider. 

Through the Red Center, Australia

There are plenty of road trips that are available in Australia and the majority are through the wonderful outback which is full of wildlife. The Red Center is probably one of the most popular destinations because you get to witness Uluru, the famous gigantic rock in Australia and the perfect spot to watch the sunset. 

There are plenty of other wonderful destinations across this road trip. So make sure you read up on a guide to find all the important things to look out for on the journey. This near 2,000-mile trip is definitely something that you should be putting on your bucket list. Maybe it could be a holiday to celebrate your anniversary and make it more special.

The Ring Road, Iceland 

The Ring Road in Iceland is certainly one of the smaller road trips on this list. Although you know what they say, great things come in small packages. It is an 800+ mile round trip that goes around the entire country. Iceland is full of many unique beaches, waterfalls and landscapes that have been shaped by volcanoes. 

Another thing that you can look out for is the wonderful geothermal waters that you can take a dip in. The weather in Iceland can be quite treacherous so you should find out when the best time to go to Iceland is.

Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland, UK

This route is probably one of the best things you can do in the United Kingdom. The wonders that you get to see on this trip is something like no other. It starts in Belfast and does not finish until you get to Londonderry, at the top of Northern Ireland. 

One thing that you will witness on this journey is the wonderful Giant’s Causeway, a world heritage listed location. There are many wonderful things to witness on this wonderful road trip as well as stunning wildlife. There is literally something for everyone on this route. 

Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Route 66 is extremely long and can take a long time to do so you might be best going for another wonderful road trip in the USA.  This is where the Pacific Coast Highway steps in. It begins in San Francisco and goes all the way to Los Angeles. 

This takes you through California as well which is great as there are many natural wonders throughout the state. This road trip is short but most certainly sweet as well. The temperature is also very bearable but warmer than many of the other countries that are down on this list. 

New Zealand

Now, this is not specifying either the North or the South because there are so many small trips that you can do around the Island. Although there is a 32-day journey which has a total travel time of 59 hours, and although this is a big commitment, it is certainly worth doing if you have the time!

Like mentioned before, there are many different routes you can take in New Zealand which are a lot shorter than the 32 days. However, the 32-day road trip has plenty to offer. You get the opportunity to visit some wonderful places that many countries cannot offer. It is full of wildlife and great scenic views for you to see. 

South of USA 

Now, this does not have a solid route like the other ones listed above. However, it takes you through the history of the American Civil War and American Civil Rights movement.

It depends on what route you choose but a popular one is starting in South Carolina and finishing in Louisiana. This route will take you through four different states and give you the opportunity to see the different cities. These will be Savannah, Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. A wonderful trip that takes you through many different areas and you will have the opportunity to meet some incredible local people.

Route 66, USA

It is one that many people know and if you want to go on a road trip, this is probably already on your list. Not only is this route full of history but also modern-day America. You can either drive along Route 66 in one week but it is better to do it for two, just to make sure you get the opportunity to see the different towns and villages that are on the way.

Get Your Bags Packed and Ready For The Road

If you have never been on a road trip before then it is definitely something to consider. Whether you want to explore America or drive deep into the wilderness of Australia, it will be a trip of a lifetime. Just remember to sort your holiday insurance before you go! There are plenty of different places around the globe that suit the different needs of different people. 

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