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The Best Careers For Traveling The World

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If you are a career woman and would like to use your career to travel the world, there are some fantastic opportunities in a number of occupations. Combining your career and love of travel can be a rewarding and exciting experience where you can sample new cultures all over the globe.

The Best Careers For Traveling The World

Below are some of the best careers for traveling the world:

English Teacher – if you are interested in teaching or a career in education, working as an English teacher can be a fantastic way to do a job you love and travel all over the world. Normally, you would have to gain a certificate in order to do this sort of languagework, but this can take as little as a month to complete. Work is not always year round and you may find you have some time without work or pay but there are places all over the world that are looking for native language teachers and you can change countries when you want to see somewhere new.

Travel Tour Guide– if you are a charismatic and friendly person, a career as a travel tour guide could be for you. You could be guiding tourists around a chic European city or a small village in Mexico as your job. Popular tourist destinations are always looking for friendly and knowledgeable people to guide holidaymakers around areas of interest and on cultural excursions, and you will get to see some amazing sites yourself. Depending on the country, you may need to speak the local language and you will need to know lots about the places you are touring.

Hotel worker – There are some amazing vacation hotels all over the globe that are looking for a wide range of staff for admin work, receptionists, activity advisers and more. You can stay in stunning surroundings and explore the local area in your free time. If you like to hike, an amazing hotel to work at is Mohonk Mountain House where you could work in the spa area, marketing, IT, call center and many other career choices. In your free time you can discover all the local sites and even travel to New York and the surrounding areas if you want to spend some time in a city.

Cruise Line Worker–Working on a cruise liner allows you to have a career traveling all over the world. Generally, you will receive free living-quarters and meals, and there are a range of careers available such as a performer, a shop clerk, a chef or an entertainer. The downside of such as job would be being at sea for long periods of time and being surrounded by your customers 24/7 but it is a fantastic career and travel opportunity.

If you are inspired to begin your career traveling across the world, there are some amazing job opportunities available. You can progress in your career of choice and visit and live in some stunning countries and cultures, all as part of your job.

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