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The Benefits Of VoIP

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VoIP for Large or Small Business in Miami

VoIP technology, or Voice Over IP, has become a very viable way for both small and large businesses to bring their interpersonal communication to the next level. When we think of VoIP it conjures images of a call center representative swearing a headset but instead of being tied to her phones land line, VoIP allows a representative to make phone calls without the need of a wired land line.

Now business can integrate their phone systems into their internet connection and save big bucks on long distance calling.

The Benefits Of VoIP

In current practice to make a phone call weather using a landline or a cellular connection, to make a phone call would cost the customer in air time and/or possible long distance charges. With VoIP, the company can send and receive their calls over an internet connection instead, allowing the user to make international calls as well as domestic calls for far less than traditional phone calling would allow.

One of the business benefits of VoIP is that when using a customer service webpage, the business would be able to integrate phone calls with a “click here to speak with next available representative”.

Another benefit of VoIP is the savings in time, labor and lost communications every time an employee changes offices or moves from one desk to the next. Instead of having to move all of the hardwire lines of a PBX system and cost companies as much as $400 or possibly more with each move. VoIP that cost is alleviated. VoIP registers itself using the computer’s Mac address making the switch automatic and saves the company a ton of money. By converting from the old PBX hardwired, it will allow businesses with office in multiple locations to contact each other without the hassle of long distance charges.

Most network techs and many agree that it’s not a matter of IF VoIP will be embraced and implemented in most business environments but instead a simple matter of WHEN most companies will begin the migration to the new way of calling. In a world where most IT personnel want to be trained in the newest cutting edge methods, the old and outdated PBX systems will likely be left behind for the more versatile VoIP.

While looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with both customers and employees, a VoIP system should be given a great deal of thought. It would benefit both the business, whether large or small, in many different ways. VoIP is a simplistic and reliable answer to the demands of our ever changing field of communication. If your business, no matter how big or small, is in the market for a new phone system, it would be a wise choice to give Miami VoIP service providers a look and see how well it suits your business needs.

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