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The Benefits Of Using Ceramic Tiles As A Flooring Option

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When you think of flooring then what’s the first thing which comes to your mind. Yes it’s indeed something concrete. There are several options as regards concrete flooring is concerned and one of it is tiles. Tiles are of various kinds. one of the most used kind of tiles is ceramic tiles and is largely used in as a flooring option especially in hallways and living room.

As far as bathroom and kitchen is concerned ceramic tiles are very common and they are custom made according to the purpose as, bathroom and kitchen indulge with a water activities therefore they are manufactured as anti-slip tiles or verified tiles.

The Benefits Of Using Ceramic Tiles As A Flooring Option

Apart from these areas tiles manufacturers are going an extra mile in designing new and more stylish idea for other parts of the house such as the driveway, patio and even the bedrooms.

  • Let’s now focus majority on the hallway and how tiling helps in providing a special feature to the hallway

A hallway is that part of the house which welcomes you inside the house therefore it is important to lay more focus on it. Even during the olden times, stonework and tiles were quite popular but now tiling has come a long way and designs have become more and more contemporary.

Ceramic tiles in India not only look beautiful but also prove to be quite cost effective. They have load of advantages over other kind of flooring, one of them being maintenance. Whether you are living in the countryside or a town house, floor is an integral part of the house and it gets exposed to dust and dirt. Therefore it is best to choose a flooring option which is easy to clean and maintain.

Other Key Benefits of Ceramic Tiles India

  • Unlike carpet, ceramic tiling provides a waterproof flooring option, so now you do not have to worry about wet umbrella, or wet shoes, as they can be easily wiped and dried away.

  • As mentioned above, tiles are very easy to maintain and clean, now you do not have to worry about spillage or dust or dirt, as they can be mopped on a daily basis.

  • Unlike pvc flooring and carpet, ceramic tiles do not wear out in a short time, they act as an asset for life and are very durable.

  • Another major advantage of ceramic tiles is that they tend to reamin cool during summers and hot during winter therefore a helps in making a habitable environment

What kind of Tiles to Choose?

There is different kind of tiles available in the market. With a growing market as regards tiles, manufactures are making new and more versatile designs of tiles which are suitable for different kind of areas in both houses as well as corporates. Following are some of the kind of tiles which are suitable for different areas

  • Ceramic tiles-Ceramic tiles are most suitable for interior wall and floor application. They provide an elegant look and are available in both matt finish as well as gloss finish.

  • Anti-slip Ceramic tiles –Anti slip ceramic tiles are most appropriate for bathroom, kitchen and balconies which experience a use of water, they are made in such a way that they provide a grip and are available in both matt as well as gloss finish.

  • Fancy ceramic tiles-There are tiles which are used for decorative purpose and are applied on the walls of the house such as the exterior or on the kitchen and bathroom panels. They have enamel design on them and are generally artistic in nature.

  • Residential and high intensity tiles-High intensity tiles are used for areas which experience more usage and intense activities such as the driveway and the patio area.

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