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The Basics: Car Insurance!

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The first and foremost thing that everyone should be aware about the car insurance is that what all it covers. The answer to this concern is that it totally depends on the type of policy one has, but in general car insurance covers the vehicle, the damage that one might cause to other vehicles, to the property of other drivers and to other motorists generally.

In fact, car insurance can include, or can be extended to include and cover for different items that include personal belongings, medical expenses and breakdown assistance.

Second thing that plays a very major role in deciding the car insurance policy is that what re the different types of insurance policies actually exists. Learning about different types of policies is important thing to do. It can help one to easily select an appropriate policy for vehicle.

1. Third Party: It is the lowest level of cover that protects you against the damage that is caused by you or one of your passengers to others. This primarily includes damage to other drivers and their vehicles apart from other accidental damages done to lamp posts and walls, etc. This specific type of insurance does not cover your own car.

2. Third party, fire and theft: As the name suggests, this type of policy covers almost everything that is included in third party cover but it will also pay for the repairs or replacement of your own car in case it is stolen or damages/ destroyed by fire.

3. Comprehensive car insurance: This is the widest level of coverage in case of car insurances. It includes third party and third party fire and theft. Apart from all this, it also covers wider damage to your own vehicle.

Another important thing that everyone should know is about gaining coverage when driving overseas. When you drive you own car anywhere in the European Union, your insurer will automatically provide cover in order to meet the minimum legal requirements of the country you are going to drive in. In case you have a comprehensive cover, then your insurer may extend your policy for a limited time overseas at the same level.

Yet another question that people usually ask when learning about car insurance is that what is no claims bonus and show one can protect it. In simple terms, a no claims bonus is a discount car insurers offer you if you can stay claim free for an extended period of time. But the important thing that you need to remember is that your no claim bonus will be cut if you make a claim, but surely the size of the cut may vary between insurers.

Learning all of the above mentioned things will certainly give clarity on car insurances in the UK. In case, you are willing to get one, then you can get in touch with the experienced and expert professional staff members at Direct Line contact number as Direct Line is also one of the renowned insurance policy lenders in the UK region.

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