The 5 Best Cities To Visit In Germany

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany is an economic and political powerhouse. The nation has emerged from the horrors of WWII and the bipolorism of the Cold War—Ronald Reagan’s famous tear down this wall speech at Germany’s Brandenburg Gate seems like a distant memory. However, Germany is aware of both the horror and the greatness of its legacy, and this is illustrated throughout the country’s museums and memorials.

Germany is a land of innovation. It has given the world the printing press, automobile and MP3 technology, not to mention great minds like Einstein, Beethoven and Goethe. At the same time, the guilt and scars of the country’s conflicted past can be seen everywhere. For a traveler, this country of 80 million people can seem like a heady mix of history, progress and contradiction.

In order to prepare for a trip to Germany you need to obtain a passport. Purchasing international health insurance is also a good idea. You never know if you might experience a health problem or have an accident when traveling. Be sure to pick up an English/German dictionary too. After that, you’ll be ready to explore these 5 German cities.