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Teen At The Wheel: 4 Biggest Hurdles For New Drivers

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As anyone who struggled through Driver’s Ed can attest, learning to drive is a significant challenge. Although driving eventually becomes second nature for most people, it is always a struggle for teens who are just beginning to learn. Here are the four biggest hurdles for new drivers.

A Massive Amount of Information to Learn

There is a tremendous amount of rules and regulations that drivers must follow in order to reduce their chances of getting into a collision or receiving a ticket. New drivers must learn to obey the speed limit, understand road signs, and interpret the actions of other vehicles in their area. The large volume of information is a challenge to absorb for even the most intelligent teens.

Teen At The Wheel: 4 Biggest Hurdles For New Drivers


Many new drivers can easily become frustrated and stressed. The challenges and dangers associated with driving can seem overwhelming at first. Taking lessons with an experienced professional instructor can help ease these nerves and help teens gain confidence. Inexperienced drivers may also stress over the written test that they must take before earning their learner’s permit. Fortunately for those in California, you can learn more about the California DMV test online thanks to a free practice test. Driver’s Ed students should check to see if their state offers a similar test.

Following Other Cars Too Closely

It can take some time for teens to gain an intuitive sense of the space that they should leave between themselves and the vehicle in front of them. If the car ahead of them slams on their brakes, they may not have enough time to react before a collision occurs. Teens often overestimate how far their car will travel after they hit the brakes. Many of them like to show off by following more closely than they should. At normal highway speeds, a car’s momentum will carry it forward by approximately 150 feet after the driver slams the brakes.


It is very easy for teens to become distracted while driving. There are countless potential distractions, including loud music, texting, and ringing cell phones. A large chunk of collisions are caused by distracted driving. Teens are even more susceptible to distractions because they do not have an innate understanding of the focus that is needed to drive effectively. discusses and illustrates the perils of distracted driving.

Although learning how to drive can be fraught with difficulty, most new drivers are capable of overcoming these hurdles. With the proper amount of time and assistance, nearly everyone is capable of becoming a safe and experienced driver.

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