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Tech Upgrades For Your Home

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We are living in modern age; an age of technological advancement and almost there is no man which does not want to introduce those innovations to his home. People wish to do so not because of “trends” and “hype”, but because it is useful and necessary. Some of those devices do look like they came straight from science-fiction movies, but we will show you that those have true purpose and meaning.

Central Control Station

The idea behind this device is to have absolute control over the entire house with just a click, swipe of turning the switch. In case that this seems to you like an uninteresting idea, think how would it be easier to turn on the coffee machine in the basement, washing machine on the second floor, and to pre-heat the water for bathing? Let us be clear, this approach does not bring out ground-breaking discovery, nor it will eliminate poverty in the world, but it is helpful, so no arguing about that.

Tech Upgrades For Your Home

Door without the Key

Imagine that you do not need keys anymore. This device does exactly that; it unlocks the door using only your fingerprint. This is quite convenient approach, because there is no need to go through your bag, searching for keys. Probably because of its a bit higher price, this is not so common thing to meet, but in the future, it will surely play more significant role. Some companies, including NextBolt have already developed 3rd generation of these locks, with the intention to carry on with development. Pair your fingerprint with a code required, and you have just rendered your house burglar-proof.

Smart Thermostats

Earlier thermostat devices had manual setting, or in the best case, a timer, which regulated heating or cooling of the house. But the problem occurred if you stayed longer on your work, and decided to go and grab a beer or two with your friends at a local pub. Two companies found the solution for this. Nest, a smart thermostat which will learn your routine and daily habits, and will adjust according to that, and Tado, a thermostat with which uses GPS locator in your home, and over application determines when to turn on, in order for house to be at optimal temperature.

Tech Upgrades For Your Home

Wall-mounted TV

Although people hang their TVs on the walls for quite some time, recently this become to gain more refined and stylized approach. Imagine TV hidden behind your favourite picture? Or, in case that you are not watching TV at the moment, put a mirror over it. Beautifully designed, with the intention to blend in with surroundings, this device has yet another message. “TV should not have the central spot in your living room. People are more important.” In addition, several experts for home theatre in Brisbane had realized the true nature of this TV, so they can hide any cables, leaving you with nothing but the screen. And yes, have we mentioned that it is ultra-thin and lightweight?

Smart Lighting

Ranging from those futuristic “clap-clap-on, clap-clap-off” lights to those remotely controlled, proper and efficient light source had become an important asset to every house. You can control your lighting over several mediums, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or directly from your smartphone, which is the case with Philips Hue Family. These also need to be developed even further, but the foundation is quite good, with Philips leading the way.

So, if we should condense the whole article in one word, that expression would be future. It is happening now, as we speak, and it cannot be stopped. It can only develop further and wider than any of us had imagined.

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