Tasty Paella: TOP 12 Restaurants In Alicante and San Juan

This is the list of recommended restaurants, where you can try Spanish paella and other traditional Spanish dishes made of rice. The region that is interesting for you this time is Alicante province. As a matter of fact, there are no many worthy places in Alicante to try truly Spanish paella. Thus, the list of the restaurants includes just high-quality food and complex menu. Seafood and paella – this is what you need in Spain.

Delectable Paella in Alicante and San Juan

La Nyora

This is rather interesting restaurant that attracts you with the local food, drinks (beer, wine and vermouth). It is unusual but tasty. The seafood, salty fish, snails, meat, dried octopus, and rice – these are ingredients for paella. The menu is in Spanish. Nevertheless, the waiters can help you as far as they speak English. You can also use internet to find the name of the dish and ingredients online.

Monastrell Restaurant

This is the high-rate restaurant. It was awarded with Michelin star. The prices are above the average, but not very high: 20-25 EUR for paella. The restaurant moved to quay some years ago.


Meet the restaurant of high level, situated in the privileged place – city pier. The view to the Alicante Port is amazing. There are many yachts everywhere. The restaurant is famous of not only its position, but tasty paella and other rice dishes (they are more than 150 names in the menu).

El Siquet

The restaurant is placed in one of the main streets in Alicante. It was decorated in classical style with massive bar counter. This place is specialized in native cuisine. The rice dishes are perfect. The best-selling dish is rice with sausages.

Raco del Pla

Meet the typical Spanish restaurant, situated in the residential municipality of Alicante – Pla Carolinas. This place is popular as the best restaurant to try Spanish cuisine. The best popular dish is con pata de ternera, or so-called rice with beef. This is not national cuisine but it is definitely worth trying.

La Cantera

The restaurant is situated on the seaside, not far from the Sangueta tram stop. The sea view is admirable! The prices and services are high. The average price for one person is 35 EUR. You have a great opportunity to order paella of two different tastes: black rice and seafood. Anyway, the choice is yours.

Casa Pepe

It is right time to hire a car in Alicante and go to San Juan playa – the beach region not far from Alicante. The restaurant is 25 years old. It boasts great experience in cooking rice and seafood dishes. The prices are not cheap. This is the best price-quality combination in the city. The restaurant is specialized in meloso – rice bree. People like rice with artichokes, shrinks and lobster. By the way, this place is mostly popular for locals.

Casa Julio and Casa Domingo

ДThese are two restaurants, situated close to each other  with the same conditions and assortment. The paella is perfect. You are offered just fresh food, but not attractive proposals to buy frozen fish assortment for cheap.

El Bodegon

The restaurant is specialized in rice dishes and tapas. The choice of fresh fish and seafood is wide. You can make your own dish, combining rice with lobster or something else. It is really funny. The restaurant is also proud of its wine card.

La Taberna del Mar

Welcome to one more authentic place in San Juan, oriented mostly for locals. The decoration is simple and funny. The restaurant looks like ordinary eating house. This is the case, when the restaurant is popular not only in the city and province, but far outside the city limits. The menu is based on rice dishes: paella, dry rice, and rice soup or arroz caldoso. The best-selling dish is arroz caldero – soup made of grouper, chicken and sea devil. The dish must be reserved for day or two before your visit. You can also try many other rice variations with seafood and fish.

The tavern is placed not far from San Juan beach in one of the oldest cozy streets. It is better to get there by car. The nearest parking is in the next street at the big shopping center.

Delectable Seafood Dishes in Alicante

Pesca al Peso

This is the best seafood restaurant in Alicante. It is specialized in seafood that are sold right here from the ice. This is the best-recommended place for all tourists, who like seafood dishes. The restaurant is comfortably situated. So, it is always overcrowded, especially on weekend. Locals like visiting this place. The place is worthy. The street boasts different restaurants. This is the place of family dinner and big parties. The food is always fresh and tasty. The restaurant specific is opportunity to buy any food you like to be cooked right here – grilled, baked, fried and boiled, according to your taste.

El Burgunon

The restaurant is situated on the first beach line of Carrer del Mar. The restaurant is mostly specialized in French cuisine. Nevertheless, it offers a big choice of seafood dishes: mussels, fish, lobsters, oysters and other tasty things. In short, this is a good restaurant with charming views, perfect cuisine and high prices. The minimum price for one person is 25-35 EUR. This is a perfect place for romantic dinner or special occasion.

As you can see, the best Spanish restaurants cannot be budget. It is no surprising. The prices are high. For example, the average price for one or another dish in the popular El Bulli, which is the best restaurant in the world, is about 250 EUR. It is difficult to get there. You should book your table beforehand – a season or two before your visit. The most of seafood restaurants works for half of the season. So, try to visit the best of the best of them. Start with paella – traditional Spanish dish that is worth visiting for all tourists, who came to Alicante for the first time.