Brief Guidelines To Select An Ideal SEO And Avoid Website Damage

Engaging an SEO company is a huge decision, which can enhance your website presence and save time. If you fail to choose a good SEO firm, then hiring them can also trigger damage to website along with your online reputation. It is necessary to gain facts about potential advantages and damage to your website, if an irresponsible search engine optimizer has been mistakenly hired by you.

Useful services provided by reliable SEO services

  • Reviews your website structure and content
  • Provides technical advice on your website development like error pages, hosting, and more
  • Content development
  • Keyword research
  • Managing online marketing campaigns
  • SEO training
  • Knowledge about particular markets and geographic

Remember Google result page includes only organic search results. There are paid ads on Google, but it will not affect your website presence.

The best time to hire an SEO firm is when you are planning to re-design your website or launch a new one. In this manner, it gets ensured that your website gets designed according to search engine algorithms. SEO Singapore companies can help you enhance an existing website, for sure.

Questions to ask the potential SEO professionals

  • Do your follow Google Webmaster Guidelines?
  • Can I see your previous work portfolio?
  • What’s your experience?
  • Did you complete projects in my niche and what are their success rates?
  • Do you give advice on organic search business?
  • What SEO techniques you apply the most?
  • How can I communicate with you?
  • How will we be in touch to discuss changes?

Some unethical SEO practices have given a black eye with their forceful marketing efforts and manipulating search engine rankings using iniquitous conduct. Such practices of violating Search engine guidelines can cause penalty or removal of your website.

Unethical practices to consider and be alert!

Shadow domain is a common scam that directs the users to a website using deceptive redirects. Basically, shadow domains are owned by companies claiming to be functioning on your behalf.

In case relationships turn bitter, then these firms may point this shadow domain to your competitor’s site. This means you paid money to the unethical SEO firm to develop a competing site, which they own.

Another scam is ‘doorway’ pages, which are stuffed with keywords on client’s site. SEO companies promise that it will make your page very relevant for queries. Wrong! Individual pages are hardly relevant for extensive keywords search.

Actually, these doorway pages include hidden links to this hired SEO’s clients. Such doorway pages drain away link popularity of your site and routes it to other customer, whose site comprises of illegal or unsavory content.

Number one ranking on Google promises are all fake. Google does not prioritize any site that are submitted on Google ads directly. Anyone who alleges to have a special bonding with Google is all a fake.

Select cleverly

Do some research on the potential SEO and Google is the first source. Ask for explanations on things that are not clear. Be sure of how they will help you because ultimately, you will be responsible for actions of the company you hire.

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