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Taking Care Of Luggage and Self While Travelling by Train

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For reaching those heritage places scattered across the country, the train is found to be the most crucial and excellent medium. Good roads although present in the country, are not easy to be travelled. Again, air travel is limited to certain areas. Hence, trains are found to be safe and convenient medium of travel and hence, accessed by the mass. Moreover, they are also affordable for the common man. But for the tourists coming from abroad, there are several things to consider and avoid when travelling by train. This will help to improve security and reduce inconvenience.

Taking Care Of Luggage and Self While Travelling by Train

The Dos

  • Keep tickets safely:Tickets are to be kept in the pocket right from start to finish. It is equally important to carry photocopies of the same.
  • Know the latest status: It is quite essential to check out the train schedule to know the changes in train timing, due to delay or other reasons. There are numerous online portals that do offer real time schedule of the trains. To know the details, the passenger simply has to use the PNR number printed on the top of the ticket and check it on the site to find out the actual status. Using the portal or app can help to find the train’s exact arrival time at the station. This does help the passenger to relax and not have to hurry to the station. They can also do other important work before the journey.
  • Check PNR Status: Checking online PNR status is a better and convenient way to know the coach and berth accommodated against the ticket. Ready reference of status saved on phone is to be carried along as soon confirmation is available. This helps to avoid inconvenience when inside the train. This is because internet network might not be available to check the status, especially when required or to show the TTE. Hence, being ready with the basic requirements will help to travel smartly.
  • Carry medicines: Travelling can be fun. At the same time, it can also be tough for those who are found to have problems in traveling long time in trains. Hence, it will be wise to carry along basic medicines to treat allergy, headache, vomiting, loose motion, cold, cough and indigestion. Quick first aid will not be available on board the train.

Some don’ts to follow

  • Avoid relying upon strangers: It will not be wise to leave the bags and baggage to go alight down at any station for refreshment or even the toilet relying upon the stranger sitting next, even though they have introduced themselves. The bags are to be carefully locked.
  • No experiments with food: Either bring along own food or buy food only from authorized hawkers, who are known to sell good quality, fresh food.
  • Take care of small articles: Do not keep mobile phone or wrist watch or any other precious item near the window or anywhere on the seat. Always have it on to avoid thefts.

Following the above is sure to help the traveller to be cautious and enjoy the travel.

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