Top 10 Mythological Creatures

It’s hard to pick a favourite creature from myth and legend, so you’re welcome to take this list with a pinch of salt. It’s a mix of personal opinion and popularity. 10. Cyclops The older Cyclopes were the ones that forged Zeus’ lightning bolt, Hades’ cap of invisibility and Poseidon’s trident. The younger of these… Continue reading Top 10 Mythological Creatures

Top 10 Weirdest Coincidences

All of us have gone through at least a few coincidences in our lifetime and some say that life is full of coincidences. Some of them seem very ordinary, but others can be downright bizarre. Prediction on Titanic’s Fate In 1898, Morgan Robertson wrote “Futility” that described a ship called Titan that seemed to have… Continue reading Top 10 Weirdest Coincidences