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Tablet vs smartphone: What to choose?

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This is a question a lot of people grapple with and making an informed decision is becoming increasingly difficult as there is an array of options to choose from. At times, the tech lovers may also wonder if they should go with both and it happens when you are unsure of what to choose. Since, they don’t come cheap and practically speaking, you don’t need both, it’s not a wise move to waste money unnecessarily.

So let’s make it a bit easier for you by listing down what you should keep in mind or the key questions you need to ask yourself before you set out to purchase either of the two. Some of the things that you need to remember are; what are your requirements and how much will you be willing to spend. You can however save money by making use of the exclusive Flipkart coupons available at, India’s number one cashback and coupons website.

One of the major differences between a tablet and smartphone is the size of the display screen.  If you are fond of reading and watching a lot of videos, movies then go for a tablet. Of course, all this can be done on a smartphone as well but visually, doing all this on the small screen of the smartphone may prove to be strenuous. Also, tablets come with a longer battery life thus proving to be a better choice in this case. Plus they have a longer battery life, thus making it a better option in this case.

Another factor that can be considered is if your work involves travelling a lot and you are on the go most of the times, it’s better to opt for a smartphone as they are what can be termed as ‘pocketable’. On the other hand, tablets are portable but cannot be compared to the comfort and ease which comes with a phone.  Also, if you love to click pictures then again, smartphone should be your choice as it is easier to carry them around.  They are equipped with better cameras around 8 megapixel mostly. However, the flipside of smartphones is that since they are smaller as compared to a tablet, they aren’t particularly useful when you have to make presentations or work on documents.

When it comes to operating systems, there isn’t much of a difference as they both run on the same systems– Android, Apple iOS or Windows operating system. This means, they both will allow access to almost similar kind of apps and programmes. However, tablet’s larger display screen will enable certain programmes to work better.

According to a research, when it comes to social networking, smartphone users are ahead. 46 per cent of them update their networks while the percentage of those who use the tablets for the same purpose is about 31 per cent. Connectivity is another area where phones win. Their 3G connection allows you to be pretty much be online anywhere.  But when it comes to tablets, they rely on Wifi so you need to be at home, in office or near a wifi hub.

To conclude, I’d like to say that tablets cannot be seen as the primary device.  They might not be the first choice. Phones score over tablets in most of the areas and most importantly, one major aspect of phones is they are primarily used to make calls and a lot of us want to call up our friends or family when we are out.  So, just go ahead, explore both options and choose wisely.  You can also avail discounts on your purchase with the help of snapdeal discount coupons exclusively available on, which offers great discounts along with cashback.

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