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Surefire Ways To Keep Your Home Business Safe from Intrusion

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One of the main reasons why so many entrepreneurs have launched a home-based business is simply to stay close to the family, especially when the kids are quite young. Both moms and dads have built extremely lucrative businesses from a spare room in their home and as a result, are now able to work from home while also being there if the kids should need anything in the moment.

However, this also can cause additional security risks because of that home-based business! Intruders may have the belief that you keep valuable tools, merchandise or intellectual property on your grounds and may even think you have a safe worth robbing. What experts in the field, such as those working at Nortek Security & Control suggest is that you seriously consider these surefire ways to keep your home business safe from intrusion. You will be seeing to the safety of your family at the very same time!

Smart Doorbell Camera – Seeing Is Believing

Surefire Ways To Keep Your Home Business Safe from Intrusion

One product highly recommended by Nortek Security 7 Control is the Smart GoControl Doorbell camera with an app for your smartphone so that you can see who is at the door from virtually anywhere in the home. Of course, GoControl also features a number of other Smart controllers for things like your garage door. With all the Smart technology on the market today, you’ve never been more secure in your home, or in your home based business, no matter what part of the home you happen to be in when you need to spot what’s happening in another room, at the garage door or to the entryways to your home front, back or center.

2GIG Controllers for Secured Access

The latest in smart technology enables you to be able to flawlessly control who can gain entry to your home. With a 2GIG Controller, access to your home has never been safer. Not only can you program the panel for entryways (interior or exterior) you can also use a smart function on your phone to reset or give pertinent commands as needed. What would happen if you had stepped out to meet with a client and your elderly parent was at home and inadvertently disabled the system? No worries! You could reset it remotely with 2GIG’s amazing smart technology connecting your smart phone to your security access control system.

Speaking of Elderly Parents…

With the cost of eldercare, it is becoming more and more common for families to move elderly parents in with them so that they can keep an eye on them as they continue to age. What would happen if on that very same meeting with a client, your elderly parent tried to answer the door after someone rang the bell and instead of allowing them access, they reset the alarm system and then got flustered, tripping over the hall rug, unable to get up in the process.

With another technology recommended by Nortek Security & Control, the Numera Fall Detection unit, you would be alerted immediately on your smart phone so that you could jump in the car and be home in a matter of moments or at the very least, you could send rescue to help your mother or father back on their feet.

There are literally so many ways intruders can wreak havoc on your home so keep these ideas and product lines in mind. Your family comes first so don’t fall prey to home intrusion. Safety is really just a Smart call away.

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